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Inventions from the Data communication Classification

Practical virtual reality VR 1989 Jaron Lanier USA
Nintendo Gameboy handheld gaming system 1989 Nintendo Japan
Wind up radio free of external electricity 1991 Trevor Baylis UK
Web cam video on/from a personal computer 1991 Quentin Stafford-Fraser, Paul Jardetzky UK
Digital cell phone, digital special mobile DSM replaces analog phone 1991 international standard international
Smart phone allows applications and internet, IBM Simon 1992 Martin Cooper, Motorola USA
Playstation video gaming system 1994 SONY Japan
Amazon on line shopping internet shopping remotely 1994 Jeff Bezos USA (80)
Smart phone applications increases smart phone versatility 1994 Hal Abelson USA
On line radio, streaming 1995 Christopher Jaeb, Todd Wagner, Mark Cuban USA
E bay personal on line selling 1995 Pieree Morad Omidyar USA
Video baby monitor sight and sound wireless 1997 Cynthia Altenhofen USA
High definition television HDTV 1998 international international
Bluetooth wireless control 1999 Jaap Haartsen Sweden
Noise canceling headphones, Bose home use for music 2000 Amar Bose USA
Satellite radio same radio anywhere, no commercials 2001 Martine Rothblatt, David Margolese, Robert Briskman USA
X-box gaming system Microsoft 2001 Bill Gates et al. USA
Skype video phone 2003 Ahti Heinla, Priit Kasesalu, Jaan Tallinn Estonia
X-box live competitive gaming on the internet 2003 Bill Gates et al. USA
Podcast video education on the internet 2003 Christopher Lyden, Dave Winer USA
World of Warcraft, MMORG massive multiplayer online role playing game 2004 Blizzard Entertainment USA
Facebook internet social network 2004 Mark Zuckerberg USA (73)
Twitter mini blogging platform 2006 USA USA
Hulu video streaming on demand 2007 USA USA
Iphone redefined smartphone 2007 Steve Jobs et al. USA
Square payment system personal, portable credit card billing 2009 Jack Dorsey USA
Bitcoin cryptocurrency 2009 Satoshi Nakamoto? 2009
Siri audio assistant 2010 Adam Cheyer, Dag Kittlaus, Tom Gruber USA
3 dimensional television 3D TV 2010 Japan Japan
Apple Pay phone to pay credit 2014 Greg Kerr USA
Amazon Firestick smart TV streaming 2014 Hon Hai, Precision Industry USA
Apple Watch smart watch with internet 2015 Jony Ive, Marc Newson USA
Skype translator, real time translation over 50 languages with video 2015 Skype USA
Amazon Echo, Alexa audio assistent smart home 2015 Rohit Prasad, Tony Reid USA
Oculus rift, VR virtual reality 2016 Palmer Lucky USA
OshenWatch pulse, blood pressure, oxygen saturation watch, bioparameters 2020 California USA

Inventions from the Data storage Classification

World Wide Web internet 1989 Tim Berners-Lee UK. (24)
MP3 compression allows music with far less memory 1989 Karlheinz Brandenburg Germany
USB flashdrive small, portable memory 1989 Dov Moran Israel
Python computer programming language 1989 Guido van Rossum Netherlands
Digital camera practical, consumer 1990 Steven Sasson, Logitech USA
Photoshop image manipulation 1990 Thomas Knoll, John Knoll USA
Linux operating system Linux OS 1991 Linus Torvalds Finland/USA
Digital video disc DVD 1993 consortium of companies Japan/USA/Netherlands
Mosaic XS web browser early search engine 1993 Marc Andreessen, Eric Bina USA
Personal cloud storage virtually limitless offsite digital storage 1994 Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider USA
Yahoo search engine 1994 Jerry Yang, David Filo USA
Compact flash memory small, portable 1994 San Disk USA
C-MOS image sensor for digital camera 1994 Eric R. Fossum USA
Java computer programming language WORA write once, run anywhere 1995 James Gosling USA
Digital video recorder DVR records TV programs for later viewing 1995 Panasonic and SONY Japan
Compact disc - reWritable CD-RW allows changes in data stored 1997 James Russell USA
WiFi protocol WiFi 802.11 wireless internet 1997 John O'Sullivan Australia (70)
Recordable digital video disc video recorded and edited with much storage of data 1997 David Paul Gregg, James Russell USA
Google popular search engine 1998 Larry Page, Sergey Brin USA (55)
Human radiofrequency identification chip RFID chip with digital, retrievable data 1998 Charles Walton UK/USA
WWW mobile phone access internet on your phone 1999 NTT DoCoMo Japan
TiVo digital video recorder, smart DVR 1999 Jim Barton, Mike Ramsey USA
Blu-Ray enhanced video quality 2000 Shuji Nakamura Japan
Camera phone images anywhere, anytime 2000 Phillip Kahn, Sharp France/USA/Japan
Solid state disc module memory SSD card, easily transferable data 2000 SanDisk, Toshiba, Matsushita USA/Japan
WiFi router wireless internet in your home/office 2000 John O'Sullivan, Vic Hayes, William Yeager Australia
Ipod compact music, data delivery 2001 Tony Fadell USA
Itunes database of digital music 2001 Bill Kincaid USA
Wikipedia internet encyclopedia 2001 Larry Sanger, Jimmy Wales USA/UK
Body camera for law enforcement 2005 first used Denmark
YouTube personal submission video platform 2005 Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen USA (95)
Mirrorless camera allows smaller size, lighter body 2005, 2008 SONY, Panasonic Japan
Printing on demand reduces inventory 2006 Victor Celorio USA
Netflix internet movies and programming on demand 2007 Marc Randolph, Reed Hastings USA
Android operating system Android OS 2008 Andy Rubin,Rich Miner, Nick Sears, Chris White USA
3-dimensional 360 degrees hologram 3D images 2010 SONY Japan
Instagram image sharing platform 2010 Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger USA
Ipad tablet computer 2012 Steve Jobs et al. USA
Google glass computer worn 2012 Sebastian Thrum USA

Inventions from the Energy radiant Classification

Ultraviolet light water purification UV water sterilization 1992 Ashok Gadgil USA/India
Antisatellite LASER space weapon 1997 Department of Defense USA
Active denial system, microwave crowd clearing device heat ray 2001 James Jordan Rosenberg, Michael Peter DeLisio, Blythe Chadwick USA
LASER mapping of 3 dimensional objects digital blueprints 2001 Ben Kacyra USA
Improvised explosive device IED remotely activated 2001 international Middle East
LASER pulsed energy projectile PEP LASER induced plasma explosion 2002 E. M. Honig USA
Metal storm machine gun 1 million rounds/minute 2007 J. Mike O'Dwyer Australia
Massive ordinance penetrator MOP bunker busting bomb 2007 Department of Defense USA
Anti-drone LASER heat generating 2014 China China

Inventions from the Energy current Classification

Practical economical lithium ion battery rechargeable 1991 Asahi Kasei, SONY Japan
Universal serial bus USB 1999 Ajay Bhatt India/USA
E cigarette electronic nicotine delivery system 2004 Ruyan Co. China
PowerBuoy ocean wave energy electrical generator 2007 Ocean Power Technologies USA

Inventions from the Machines non-transport Classification

Tippy cup non-spill lid for a child's cup 1992 Mandy Haberman UK
Elliptical exerciser, Precor low impact aerobic exerciser 1995 Precor USA
SONY artificial intelligence robot dog AIBO AI roBOtic dog 1999 SONY Japan
Roomba autonomous robot vacuum 2002 Rodney Brooks, iRobot Co. USA
Rheo microprocessor controlled prosthetic knee smart knee 2004 Hugh Herr, Ossur Co. USA/Iceland
Color night vision goggles improved contrast and object recognition 2005 Alex Toet Netherlands
3 dimensional printer commercial digital 3D constructions 2007 ZPrinter 450 USA
Robot Looj gutter cleaner 2007 IRobot USA
Nest learning thermostat artificial intelligence thermostat, smart home 2010 Fred Bould USA
Atlas robot athletic humanoid robot 2013 Boston Dynamics USA
Quantum computing IBM Q system 2019 IBM USA
Blaux air cooler, cordless portable cool air without wires 2020 China China
DoDow sleep inducing metronome timed rhythmic light, sleep aid 2020 Alexandre Dujoncquoy France

Inventions from the Transport Machines Classification

Global positioning system satellites military GPS 1989 Bradford Parkinson, Roger L. Easton, Ivan Getting USA
Garmin LTD, ProNav GPS navigation system 1989 Gary Burrell, Min Kao USA
Hubble orbiting telescope outer space telescope, no atmospheric interference 1990 NASA USA
Dual hydraulic zero radius mower controlled grass cutting 1990 Joseph Berrios USA
Fuel cell bus powered with fuel cells 1993 William Robert Grove, Francis Thomas Bacon UK
Boeing 777 completely computer designed and engineered 1995 Boeing USA
Teledyne Ryan Tier II spy drone aerial surveillance 1995 USA USA
GPS guided munitions exact co-ordinates 1995 USA USA
Supercavitating torpedo Shkval, Mach 1 1997 Russia Russia
Successful hybrid car gas and electric 1997 Toyota Prius Japan
Segway human transporting vehicle single person transport 2001 Dean Kamen USA
Magnetic levitation train Maglev train, 260 MPH 2002 China China
Scramjet engine faster than jet 2002 UK/Australia UK/Australia
Tesla roadster electric car successful modern electric car 2008 Elon Musk et al. USA
Boeing 787 Dreamliner composite fuselage 2009 Boeing USA
Hyperloop pneumatic tube concept 2013 Elon Musk et al. USA
Scramjet flight 3000 MPH, Mach 5, unmanned 2013 USA USA
Self parking BMW partial autonomous driving 2015 BMW Germany
Neopanamax container ship size limit to traverses Panama Canal 2018 international international
Russian hypersonic glide vehicle Mach 27, 27x speed of sound 2019 Pr. Bladimir L. Fraishadt Russia
Jet propulsion suit over water for safety 2019 Richard Browning et al., Gravity Industries UK
Fly boarding across English Channel 2019 Frank Zapata France


Inventions from the Materials, metals Classification

Intel 80486 microprocessor 1 million transistors 1990 Intel USA
Human radiofrequency identification chip RFID chip 1998 Charles Watson UK/USA
Composite metal foam hybrid materials 2005 Afsaneh Rabiei USA
Porous tantalum bone compatible 2005 Zimmer USA
3 dimensional metal printing accurate digital construction 2018 Carl Deckard USA


Inventions from the Materials, non-Metals Classification

Carbon nanotubes nanotechnology 1991 Sumio Iijima Japan
Microencapsulated pesticides in paint protects against insects 1996 Pilar Mateo Spain
Self cleaning windows, titanium dioxide SunClean windows 2001 Pilkington Glass UK
D3O energy absorbing plastic soft body armour which hardens on impact 2001 Richard Palmer UK
Self healing polymers repairs some types of damage 2001 Scott White, Nancy Sottos USA
Optical camouflage fabric which gives partial invisibility 2002 Susumu Tachi, Guy Kramer Japan/USA
Graphene one molecule thick graphite sheet, super material 2004 Andre Geim, Konstantin Novoselov UK
Self repairing glass polyether-thiourea 2017 U of Tokyo Japan
Ultraviolet light activated bonder Bondic 2020 Thomas Offerman Germany

Inventions from the Domestic Biotech Classification

Genetically modified organism GMO tomato 1994 Jonathan Jones, Cathie Martin USA
Genetically modified organism GMO corn 1996 Boyer and Cohen, Monsanto USA
Dolly cloned sheep successful mammalian cloning 1996 Keith Campbell, Ian Wilmut et al. UK
Genetically modified organism GMO soybean 1996 Boyer and Cohen, Monsanto USA
Genetically modified organism GMO rice 1999 Ingo Potrykus, Peter Beyer Switzerland
Rapamycin extends rodent life expectancy 20% anti aging drugs, TOR 2009 Michael Hall, George Levi Switzerland/USA
Cultured meat cellular agriculture 2013 Jason Gaverick Metheny USA
Genetically modified salmon GMO salmon 2015 Garth Fletcher USA
CRISPR tomato GMO 2019 Jennifer Doudna et al. USA
CRISPR biofuels biodiesel 2019 Jennifer Doudna et al. USA
Impossible meat leghemoglobin yeast GMO 2019 Patrick O. Brown USA


Inventions from the Medical Biotech Classification

Protease inhibitors Invirase for AIDS/HIV 1990 Joseph A. Martin, Sally Redshaw USA
H. flu vaccine prevents Haemophilus influenza in children 1992 David Smith USA
Hepatitis A vaccine prevents hepatitis A 1993 Stephen Mark Feinstone, Albert Kapikian, Robert Purcell USA
Implanted bionic limb human/machine hybrid 1993 David James Gow UK
Catheter intracardiac cardioverter defibrillator placement ICD 1994 Michel Mirowski, Morton Mower USA
Portable defibrillator advanced CPR 1997 Frank Pantridge Ireland
Viagra, sildenafil citrate erectile dysfunction treatment 1997 Peter Dunn, Albert Wood, Pfizer USA
Stem cell lines stem cell therapy 1998 James Alexander Thomson USA
CRISPR technique-Cas9 DNA splicing genes 2001 Jennifer Doudna USA (93)
Telesurgery remotely performed videosurgery 2001 Michael Gagner, Jacques Marescaux USA/France
Clot inducing bandage, chitosan less bleeding with wounds 2002 HemCon USA
Meningitis vaccine prevents some forms of meningitis 2003 Rino Rappuoli Italy/USA
Chicken pox vaccine varicella prevention 2005 Michiaki Takahashi Japan
Human papilloma virus vaccine, recombinant prevents cervical cancer 2006 Ian Frazer UK/Australia
Freestyle continuous glucose monitoring more effective diabetes treatment and control 2007 Abbott Diabetes Care USA
Rotavirus vaccine prevents rotavirus infection 2007 H. Fred Clark, Paul Offit USA
Hepatitis C treatment, sofosbuvir cures hepatitis C in most cases 2007 Michael J. Sofia USA
Full face transplant extreme cosmetic surgery 2008 Laurent Lantieri France
Breathalyzer for lung cancer diagnosis some lung cancer types 2009 Israel Institute of Technology Israel
Electronic stethoscope more sensitive to sound 2010 3M/Littman USA
Uterus transplant allows birth in many cases 2011 Omer Ozkan, Muniere Erman Akar Turkey

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