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Protease inhibitors Invirase for AIDS/HIV 1990 Joseph A. Martin, Sally Redshaw USA
H. flu vaccine prevents Haemophilus influenza in children 1992 David Smith USA
Hepatitis A vaccine prevents hepatitis A 1993 Stephen Mark Feinstone, Albert Kapikian, Robert Purcell USA
Implanted bionic limb human/machine hybrid 1993 David James Gow UK
Catheter intracardiac cardioverter defibrillator placement ICD 1994 Michel Mirowski, Morton Mower USA
Portable defibrillator advanced CPR 1997 Frank Pantridge Ireland
Viagra, sildenafil citrate erectile dysfunction treatment 1997 Peter Dunn, Albert Wood, Pfizer USA
Stem cell lines stem cell therapy 1998 James Alexander Thomson USA
CRISPR technique-Cas9 DNA splicing genes 2001 Jennifer Doudna USA (93)
Telesurgery remotely performed videosurgery 2001 Michael Gagner, Jacques Marescaux USA/France
Clot inducing bandage, chitosan less bleeding with wounds 2002 HemCon USA
Meningitis vaccine prevents some forms of meningitis 2003 Rino Rappuoli Italy/USA
Chicken pox vaccine varicella prevention 2005 Michiaki Takahashi Japan
Human papilloma virus vaccine, recombinant prevents cervical cancer 2006 Ian Frazer UK/Australia
Freestyle continuous glucose monitoring more effective diabetes treatment and control 2007 Abbott Diabetes Care USA
Rotavirus vaccine prevents rotavirus infection 2007 H. Fred Clark, Paul Offit USA
Hepatitis C treatment, sofosbuvir cures hepatitis C in most cases 2007 Michael J. Sofia USA
Full face transplant extreme cosmetic surgery 2008 Laurent Lantieri France
Breathalyzer for lung cancer diagnosis some lung cancer types 2009 Israel Institute of Technology Israel
Electronic stethoscope more sensitive to sound 2010 3M/Littman USA
Uterus transplant allows birth in many cases 2011 Omer Ozkan, Muniere Erman Akar Turkey

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