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Transport Machines


Inventions from the TOKENS ERA Era

Reed boat banded reeds 10,000 BCE Sumer Mesopotamia
Dugout canoe burned out trunk 8000 BCE Northern Europe
Sledge with lubricant/grease 7000 BCE Northern Europe/UK
Travois early dog sled 7000 BCE Native American North America
Skis snow transport 6300 BCE Russia
Square cloth sail sailboat 6000 BCE Sumer Mesopotamia
Rowing oars carved wood 5000 BCE China

Inventions from the WRITTEN ERA Era

Wheel/axle domesticated horse same time 3500 BCE Sumer/Eurasia steppes Mesopotamia/Eurasia (8)
Cart wheeled vehicle 3500 BCE Mesopotamia
Chariot horse drawn 3200 BCE Kazakhstan
Wood hulled sailboat with oars 3000 BCE Egypt, Mesopotamia (9)
Sea going ship wooden 3000 BCE Austronesian (Taiwan)
Spoked wheel wooden 2000 BCE Eurasia/Egypt
Phoenician war galley ship battering ram 1500 BCE Phoenicia, Middle East
Rudder ship steering 1420 BCE Egypt
Ice skates winter transportation 1000 BCE Scandinavia

Inventions from the ALPHABET ERA Era

Early saddle cloth pad 700 BCE Assyria
Toe stirrup leather strap for big toe 200 BCE India
Lateen sail triangular cloth sail for tacking 500 BCE Greece
Metal rimmed wheel spoked 500 BCE Celtic (UK)
Framed true saddle 200 BCE China (62)
Astrolabe navigation device 150 BCE Hipparchus of Nicaea Rhodes, Greece
Wheelbarrow 100 BCE Zhuge Liang China
Horse shoe iron 100 AD Rome
Horse collar 250 AD China
Metal stirrups 250 AD China (62)
Paddle wheel boat design in mechanical treatise 450 AD Vitruvius Rome

Inventions from the NUMBERS ERA Era

Viking longboat ocean going oared sailboat 1000 AD Scandinavia
Wet compass compass for navigation 1040 AD China (71)
Chinese junk ocean going sailboat 1100 AD China
Rocket distant war weapon 1232 AD China

Inventions from the PRINT ERA Era

Chip log measuring knots (speed) 1500 AD Portugal
Crosstaff Jacob's staff 1510 AD Leviben Gerson France
Wheelchair for Phillip, king of Spain 1590 Spain
Submarine 1620 AD Cornelius Drebbel Netherlands (99)
Sextant for latitude determination 1731 AD Thomas Godfrey/John Hadby USA/UK
Steam locomotive early 1802 AD Richard Trevithick UK
Glider flight successful 1804 AD George Cayley UK
Steamboat paddlewheel 1807 AD Robert Fulton USA
Improved locomotive steam 1814 AD George Stephenson UK

Inventions from the WIRED ERA Era

First propeller steam ship Archimedes 1839 Archimedes UK (65)
Telemark skis for cross country skiing 1849 Telemark Norway
Elevator safety brake allowed for skyscrapers 1852 Elisha Otis USA
Manned dirigible flight lighter than air flight 1852 Henri Giffard France
Safety bicycle modern bicycle 1854, 1885 John Kemp Starley UK (78)
Iron clad ship USS Monitor 1862 John Ericcson Sweden/USA
4 wheeled roller skate 1863 James Plimpton USA
Metal rimmed spoked wheels 1869 Eugene Meyer France
Air brake for trains 1869 George Westinghouse USA
4 stroke internal combustion engine gas automobile 1876 Nicolaus Otto Germany (17)
Automobile seat belts safety device 1885 Edward J. Claghorn USA
Automobile 2 stroke gas engine 1886 Karl Benz Germany (17)
Powered airplane heavier than air with controls 1903 Orville and Wilbur Wright USA (26)
U - boat successful submarine 1905 Germany
Quadricopter 4 rotors 1907 Jacques and Louis Brequet, Charles Richet France
Continuous caterpillar tracks carry road with vehicle 1907 David Roberts UK
Outboard motor portable, detachable 1908 Ole Evinrude Norway/USA
Model T automobile practical car 1908 Henry Ford USA
Backpack parachute pilot safety device 1911 Gleb Kotelnikov
Seaplane 1911 Henri Fabre France
Liquid fueled rocket 1914 Robert H. Goddard USA
Traffic light 1914 Garrett Morgan USA
Tank armored vehicle 1915 Walter Wilson, William Tritten, Gegene Brille UK/France
Automatic pilot gyrostabilizer 1915 Lawrence and Elmer Sperry USA
Hydraulic brake 1918 Malcolm Lougheed USA
Motor scooter 1919 Greville Bradshaw UK
Mobile home 1919 Glenn H. Curtiss USA


Inventions from the WIRELESS ERA Era

Snowmobile caterpillar track/belt 1922 Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada
Waterski water transport/recreation 1922 Ralph Samuelson USA
Bulldozer 2 caterpillar tracks 1923 James Cummings USA
Power steering easier control 1923 Francis W. Davis, George Jessup USA
All metal (aluminum) airplane 1926 William Stout USA
Life preserver inflatable 1928 Peter Markus USA
Bathysphere deep submersible 1928 Otis Barton USA
Jet engine allows supersonic flight 1928 Frank Whittle UK
Parking meter automated timer 1932 Carl C. Magee USA
Cat's eyes road edge reflectors 1934 Percy Shaw UK
Gyroscope for flight rocket guidance, 2 axis controls 1935 Robert Goddard USA
Volkswagen beetle popular car 1938 Ferdinand Porsche Germany
Ballistic missile rocket propulsion 1938 Walter Dornberger Germany
Jet flight 1939 Siegfried and Walter Gunter Germany (33)
Helicopter single rotor 1939 Igor Sikorsky USSR/USA
Jeep general purpose military vehicle 1940 Karl Pabst USA
V-2 rocket first successful rocket/guided missile 1942 Wernher von Braun Germany (32)
SCUBA gear underwater personal travel (aqualung) 1943 Jacques Cousteau France
V-1 guided flying bombs doodlebugs 1944 Robert Lisserr Germany
ICBM intercontinental ballistic missile 1947 US Air Force USA
Supersonic airplane 1947 US Air Force USA
Air bag safety device 1952 John W. Hetrick USA
Black box flight recorder 1953 David Warren Australia
Backhoe loader dual duties 1953 Joseph Cyril Bamford UK
Vertical take off and land plane VTOL 1954 Hugh Graham Convay USA
Jet boat shallow water effective 1954 William Hamilton New Zealand
Nautilus nuclear submarine near limitless submersion 1954 US Navy USA
Container ship most of world exports 1955 White Pass and Yukon Co. Canada (94)
Skateboard urethane wheels, ball bearings 1955, 1970 Bill and Mark Richards USA
Hovercraft air cushion ride 1955 Christopher Sidney Cockerell, Will R. Bertelsen UK
Trucking container truck, rail, and water transport 1956 Malcolm McLean USA (94)
Catalytic converter decreases emissions 1956 Eugene Houdry France
Sputnik satellites I and II first satellites 1957 Sergey Korolev et al. USSR
Portable nuclear generator for space vehicles 1959 Jerome Morse USA
Shoulder harness car safety restraint 1959 Nils Bohlin, Volvo Sweden
Weather satellite improved forecasting 1959 Verner Suomi Finland/USA
Nuclear aircraft carrier 1960 US Navy USA
Geostationary satellite communications technology 1964 Harold Rosen, Hughes Aircraft USA
Snowboard 1965 Sherman Poppin , Tom Sims USA
Ski-doo snowmobile commercially successful 1965 Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada
Trailer hitch 1966 Ludwig Bacher Canada
Apollo 11 moon landing 1969 NASA USA
Car alarm car security 1970 Charles E. Davis USA
747 jet airplane 1970 Boeing USA
Space station 1971 USSR
Anti lock brakes safer stopping 1971 Bendix Co, Chrysler, Toyota Japan/USA
Electronic ignition improved car starting 1972 Charles Kettering USA
Jet ski stand up jet boat 1973 Clayton Jacobson USA
Functional airbags safety devices 1973 General Motors USA
Tire pressure sensor tire safety 1974 George E. Garcia USA
Maglev train magnetic levitation, superconducting 1979 Gordon Danby, James Powell USA
Space shuttle reusable spacecraft, silica ceramic tiles 1981 NASA USA
Stealth fighter low radar signal technology 1982 Denys Overholser, Petr Ufimtsev USA/USSR
Self driving vehicle autonomous 1984 Ernst Dickmanns, Mercedes Germany
B-2 stealth bomber exterior non-metal composite constructed 1988 Hal Markarian, Northrup Grummon USA




Inventions from the INTERNET ERA Era

Global positioning system satellites military GPS 1989 Bradford Parkinson, Roger L. Easton, Ivan Getting USA
Garmin LTD, ProNav GPS navigation system 1989 Gary Burrell, Min Kao USA
Hubble orbiting telescope outer space telescope, no atmospheric interference 1990 NASA USA
Dual hydraulic zero radius mower controlled grass cutting 1990 Joseph Berrios USA
Fuel cell bus powered with fuel cells 1993 William Robert Grove, Francis Thomas Bacon UK
Boeing 777 completely computer designed and engineered 1995 Boeing USA
Teledyne Ryan Tier II spy drone aerial surveillance 1995 USA USA
GPS guided munitions exact co-ordinates 1995 USA USA
Supercavitating torpedo Shkval, Mach 1 1997 Russia Russia
Successful hybrid car gas and electric 1997 Toyota Prius Japan
Segway human transporting vehicle single person transport 2001 Dean Kamen USA
Magnetic levitation train Maglev train, 260 MPH 2002 China China
Scramjet engine faster than jet 2002 UK/Australia UK/Australia
Tesla roadster electric car successful modern electric car 2008 Elon Musk et al. USA
Boeing 787 Dreamliner composite fuselage 2009 Boeing USA
Hyperloop pneumatic tube concept 2013 Elon Musk et al. USA
Scramjet flight 3000 MPH, Mach 5, unmanned 2013 USA USA
Self parking BMW partial autonomous driving 2015 BMW Germany
Neopanamax container ship size limit to traverses Panama Canal 2018 international international
Russian hypersonic glide vehicle Mach 27, 27x speed of sound 2019 Pr. Bladimir L. Fraishadt Russia
Jet propulsion suit over water for safety 2019 Richard Browning et al., Gravity Industries UK
Fly boarding across English Channel 2019 Frank Zapata France


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