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Inventions from the Data communication Classification

Morse code instant distant communication 1837 Samuel Morse USA (56)
Telegraph practical 1837 Samuel Morse USA (56)
Fax machine 1843 Alexander Bain UK
Printing telegraph recorded dots/dashes 1846 Royal Earl House, Jacob Brett UK
Mail order catalog shop from home 1872 Montgomery Ward USA
Telephone auditory instant communication 1876 Alexander Graham Bell USA (15)
Microphone amplified/recorded/transmitted speech 1878 David E. Hughes, Emile Berliner UK/USA/ Germany
Radio wireless communication 1895 Guglielmo Marconi Italy (29)
Remote radio control wireless control 1898 Nikola Tesla USA
RADAR radio detection and ranging 1904 Christian Haismeyer Germany
SONAR sound navigation and ranging 1906 Lewis Nixon USA
Rotary dial telephone self entered phone number 1919 Almon Brown Strowger USA
Amplitude modulation radio AM standard receiver 1919 Edwin Howard Armstrong USA

Inventions from the Data storage Classification

Pitman shorthand data recording manually 1837 Isaac Pitman UK
Silver based photo processing Daguerrotype 1837 Louis Daguerre France
Rotary printing press 1843 Richard Marx Hoe USA
Color photography images in color 1855 James Clerk Maxwell UK
Continuous roll printing press high volume printing 1863 William A. Bullock USA
Typewriter QWERTY keyboard 1866 Christopher Latham Sholes USA
Phonograph sound recording 1877 Thomas Alva Edison USA (88)
Ball point pen early 1880 Alonzo T. Cross USA
Fountain pen no dip required 1884 Lewis Waterman USA
Plastic film 1884 George Eastman USA
Typewriter ink ribbon continuous ink for typing 1886 George K. Anderson USA
Gramophone disc phonograph recorder on records 1887 Emile Berliner Germany/USA
Shellac (wax) compounds for phonographic discs 1887 Emile Berliner Germany/USA
Push button film camera easy photography 1888 George Eastman (Kodak) USA
Kinetoscope motion pictures 1888 Thomas Alva Edison USA
Juke box record playing machine 1889 Lewis Glass USA
Motion picture camera and projector 1895 Auguste and Louis Lumiere France (37)

Inventions from the Energy radiant Classification

Safety match 1844 Gustaf Erik Pasch Sweden
Nitroglycerin more powerful than gunpowder 1846 Ascanio Sobrero Italy
Metal cartridge bullet percussion cap base 1846 Houiller France
Repeating rifle 1849 Walter Hunt USA
Internal combustion engine gas 1859 Etienne Lenoir France
Henry rifle 1860 Benjamin Robert Henry USA
Machine gun Gatling gun 1862 Richard Gatling USA
Torpedo 1864 Giovanni Luppis, Robert Whitehead Austria/UK
Springfield rifle breech loading 1865 Springfield Armory USA
Dynamite powerful explosive 1867 Alfred Nobel Sweden
Winchester 73 rifle 1873 Winchester Co. USA
Cathode ray tube predates television 1878 William Crooks UK
2 stroke engine gasoline 1879 Karl Benz Germany
Light bulb filament carbonized bamboo 1879 Thomas Alva Edison USA
Smokeless gunpowder 3x more powerful than black gunpowder 1884 Paul Vielle France (37)
Maxim machine gun 1884 Hiram Maxim USA/UK
Lever action rifle Winchester 1987 John Moses Browning USA
Electric toaster 1893 Crompton Co. UK
Diesel engine compression ignition 1893 Rudolf Diesel Germany
Pull chain light switch 1986 Harvey Hubbell USA
Flashlight wireless lighting 1896 David Misell UK
Air conditioner commercial 1902 Willis Carrier USA (50)
Flamethrower 1915 Richard Fiedler Germany
Tungsten light filament longer lived lightbulb 1916 Irving Langmuir USA
Submachine gun 1918 Theodor Bergmann Germany
Pop up toaster 1919 Charles Strite USA

Inventions from the Energy current Classification

Hydrogen fuel cell 1838 William Robert Grove UK
Solar cell photovoltaic cell 1839 Edmond Becquerel France. (66)
Francis water turbine 1849 James Francis UK/USA (69)
Lead acid battery rechargeable 1859 Gaston Plante France
Dry cell battery alkaline battery 1866 Georges Leclanche France
Free jet water turbine 90% efficiency(Pelton wheel) 1880 Lester Pelton USA
AC induction motor 1881 Nikola Tesla USA (60)
Electric fan 1882 Schuyler Skaats Wheeler USA
Electric iron 1882 Henry W. Seely USA
Steam turbine 89% world electricity 1884 Charles Parsons USA (44)
AC transformer 1884 Karoly Zipernowsky, Otto Blathy, Miksa Deri Austria/Hungary
Wind turbine electricity 1888 Charles Brush, James Blyth USA
AC electric power 1888 Nikola Tesla USA (12)
Fuse 1890 Thomas Alva Edison USA
Tesla coil transformer 1891 Nikola Tesla USA

Inventions from the Machines non-transport Classification

Steam jack hammer 1837 James Nasmyth UK
Steam shovel 1839 William Otis USA
Telemark skis for cross country skiing 1840 Telemark Norway
Grain elevator commercial elevator 1842 Joseph Dart USA
Ice making machine 1850 James Harrison Australia
Hydraulic jack 1851 Richard Dudgeon USA
Lockstitch sewing machine commercial 1851 Isaac Singer USA
Electric burglar alarm 1851 Edwin T. Holmes, Augustus R. Pope USA
Punch triangle can opener 1858 Ezra J. Warner USA
Twist drill 1861 Stephen A. Morse USA
Centrifuge cream from milk 1864 Antonin Prandtl Germany
Mousetrap 1880 Hiram Stevens Maxim USA/UK
Steam winch logging engine 1881 John Dolbeer USA
Electric dishwasher 1886 Josephine Cochrane USA
Hearing aid 1898 Miller Reese Hutchinson USA
Vacuum cleaner industrial 1901 Hubert Cecil Booth, David T. Kennedy UK/USA
Air conditioner commercial 1902 Willis Carrier USA (50)
Electric washing machine 1907 Alva J. Fisher USA
Hoover vacuum for home use 1907 James Spangler, William Henry Hoover USA

Inventions from the Transport Machines Classification

First propeller steam ship Archimedes 1839 Archimedes UK (65)
Telemark skis for cross country skiing 1849 Telemark Norway
Elevator safety brake allowed for skyscrapers 1852 Elisha Otis USA
Manned dirigible flight lighter than air flight 1852 Henri Giffard France
Safety bicycle modern bicycle 1854, 1885 John Kemp Starley UK (78)
Iron clad ship USS Monitor 1862 John Ericcson Sweden/USA
4 wheeled roller skate 1863 James Plimpton USA
Metal rimmed spoked wheels 1869 Eugene Meyer France
Air brake for trains 1869 George Westinghouse USA
4 stroke internal combustion engine gas automobile 1876 Nicolaus Otto Germany (17)
Automobile seat belts safety device 1885 Edward J. Claghorn USA
Automobile 2 stroke gas engine 1886 Karl Benz Germany (17)
Powered airplane heavier than air with controls 1903 Orville and Wilbur Wright USA (26)
U - boat successful submarine 1905 Germany
Quadricopter 4 rotors 1907 Jacques and Louis Brequet, Charles Richet France
Continuous caterpillar tracks carry road with vehicle 1907 David Roberts UK
Outboard motor portable, detachable 1908 Ole Evinrude Norway/USA
Model T automobile practical car 1908 Henry Ford USA
Backpack parachute pilot safety device 1911 Gleb Kotelnikov
Seaplane 1911 Henri Fabre France
Liquid fueled rocket 1914 Robert H. Goddard USA
Traffic light 1914 Garrett Morgan USA
Tank armored vehicle 1915 Walter Wilson, William Tritten, Gegene Brille UK/France
Automatic pilot gyrostabilizer 1915 Lawrence and Elmer Sperry USA
Hydraulic brake 1918 Malcolm Lougheed USA
Motor scooter 1919 Greville Bradshaw UK
Mobile home 1919 Glenn H. Curtiss USA


Inventions from the Materials, metals Classification

Chicken wire fence 1844 Charles Barnard UK
Safety pin 1849 Walter Hunt USA
Bessimer steel process high volume quality steel 1855 Henry Bessimer UK (28)
Modern whaling harpoon 1864 Svend Foyn Norway
Paper clip 1867 Samuel Fay USA
Stainless steel chromium steel alloy 1872 J. E. T. Woods, J. Clark UK (28)
Barbed wire practical 1874 Joseph Glidden USA
Blow torch welding lower temperatures 1881 Carl Nyborg Sweden
Steel girder skyscraper high rise buildings 1884 William Le Baron Jenney USA
Electric arc welding advanced welding 1885 Nikolai Benardos, Stanislaus Olszewski Russia/Poland
Aluminum commercial production 1886 Charles Martin Hall, and Julia Hall, Paul Heroult USA/France (57)
Bayer process for aluminum 1887 Carl Josef Bayer Austria
Bottle cap with cork seal 1892 William Painter USA
Vacuum flask Thermos device 1892 James Dewar UK
Oxy-acetylene welding torch welding 1903 Edmond Forche, Charles Picard France (77)
Crescent wrench adjustable wrench 1907 Johan Petter Johansson Sweden
Aluminum foil 1910 J. G. Nehor and Sons Switzerland
Stainless steel commercial production 1913 Harry Brearley UK (28)
Rivot metal 1915 Scotland, UK (90)

Inventions from the Materials, non-Metals Classification

Standard diving suit 1837 Augustus Siebe Germany
Vulcanized rubber with sulfur 1839 Charles Goodyear USA
Modern Portland cement 1845 Joseph and William Aspdin, Isaac Charles Johnson UK
Rubber band 1845 Stephen Perry UK
Kerosene petroleum distillate 1848 Abraham Gesner Canada
Chemical vapor deposition 1852 Robert Bunsen Germany
Rubber boots Wellington 1852 Hiram Hutchinson USA/France
Reinforced concrete steel in cement/concrete 1853 Francois Coignet France
Celluloid plastic Parkesine first plastic 1856 Alexander Parkes, John Wesley Hyatt UK/USA. (43)
Oil refinery 1856 James Miller Williams, Ignancy Lukasiewicz, James Young Poland/UK/Canada. (79)
Gasoline petroleum distillate 1859 Thomas Midgley USA
Linoleum flooring 1860 Frederick Walton UK
Indigo dye first synthetic dye 1865 Adolf von Baeyer Germany
Paper bag flat bottom 1870 Margaret Knight USA
Vaseline petroleum jelly 1870 Robert Chesebrough USA
Modern chewing gum 1870 Thomas Adams USA
Cardboard corrugated 1871 Albert L. Jones USA
Asphalt petroleum pavement 1872 Edward de Smed Belgium/USA
PVC poly vinylchloride hard plastic 1872 Eugen Bauman Germany
Rayon synthetic fiber 1884 Louis-Marie-Hilaire Bernigaud, Count of Chardonnet France
Contact lenses lenses directly on the eye 1887 Adolf Fick Germany
Pneumatic rubber tire air cushion 1887 John Boyd Dunlop UK
Thermal cracking of oil improved refining of oil 1891 Vladimir Shukhov Russia
Glass blowing machine 1895 Michael Owens USA
Polyethylene most common plastic 1898 Hans von Pechmann Germany
Wax crayon colored writing/drawing 1903 Edwin Binney, C. Harold Smith USA
Laminated glass safety glass 1903 Edouard Benedictus France
Glass bottle making machine automatic 1903 Michael Joseph Owens USA
Silicone rubbery material 1904 Frederic Stanley Kippinig UK
Bakelite plastic synthetic shellac 1907 Leo Hendrik Baekeland Belgium/USA
Formica laminate 1912 Daniel O'Conor, Herbert Faber USA
Pyrex boron glass 1915 William C. Taylor, Eugene Sullivan USA

Inventions from the Domestic Biotech Classification

Practical threshing machine mechanized agriculture 1837 Hiram A. Pitts, John A. Pitts USA
Standard modern flush toilet sanitation mechanized 1837 Thomas Crapper UK
Steel plow modern 1837 John Deere USA
Super phosphate first synthetic fertilizer 1839 Justus von Biebig, John Bennet Lawes UK
Ice cream maker 1843 Nancy Johnson USA
Mowing machine practical 1844 William Ketchum USA
Dry cleaning 1849 Jean-Baptiste Jolly France
Pasteurization 1864 Louis Pasteur France (49)
Scientific plant breeding Mendelian 1865 Gregor Mendel Czechoslovakia
Margarine butter substitute 1869 Hippolyte Mage-Mourias France
Hay bailing machine automatic 1872 Charles Withington USA
Blue jeans miners wear 1873 Levi Strauss, Jacob Davis USA
DDT pesticide dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane 1874 Othmar Zeidler Germany
Saccharin artificial sweetner 1879 Ira Remsen, Constantin Fahlberg USA/Germany
Septic tank sanitation 1881 Jean-Louis Mouras France
Peanut butter 1884 Marcellus Gilmore Edson Canada
Coca cola soft drink 1886 John Pemberton USA
Sewage treatment facility sanitary engineering 1890 Worchester , Mass. USA
Gas tractor mechanized agriculture 1892 John Froehlich USA
Zipper fastening device 1893 Whitcomb Judson USA
Breakfast cereal flakes 1894 John Harvey Kellogg USA
Hairbrush hygiene 1898 Lyda D. Newman USA
Concrete dam 1903 Nils F. Ambursen USA
Synthetic detergent 1907 Fritz Henkel Germany
Hybrid corn 1917 Donald F. Jones USA
Nitrogen fixation Haber-Bosch process for ammonia production 1918 Fritz Haber, Carl Bosch Germany (46)

Inventions from the Medical Biotech Classification

Hypodermic syringe medicine delivery not by mouth 1844, 1853 Francis Rynd, Charles Gabriel Pravaz, Alexander Wood France/UK (23)
Ether general anesthesia first true general anesthesia 1842 Crawford W. Long, William Morton USA
Ophthalmoscope eye inspection 1851 Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmhotz Germany
Aspirin synthesized acetylsalicyclic acid 1853 Charles Fredic Gerhardt Germany
Snellen eye test visual acuity 1862 Hermann Snellen Netherlands
Modern thermometer clinical fever test 1866 Thomas Albutt UK
Vaccine for cholera first successful bacterial vaccine 1879 Waldemar Mordecai Haffkine, Pasteur Instittute France
Autoclave sterilization instruments 1879 Charles Chamberlain
Modern otoscope ear examination 1881 A. Hartman Germany
Rabies vaccine previously fatal 1882 Louis Pasteur France
Tetanus and diphtheria vaccines 1890 Emil von Behring Germany
Modern toothpaste and toothpaste tube oral hygiene 1892 Washington Wentworth Sheffield USA
X-ray imaging first medical imaging 1895 Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen Germany (59)
Sphygmomanometer practical 1896 Scipione Riva-Rocci Italy
Rotator cuff tendon repair shoulder surgery 1898 Wilhelm Muller Germany
ABO blood groups compatibility for transfusions 1900 Karl Landskiner Austria (51)
EKG electrocardiogram machine 1903 Willem Einthoven Netherlands
Barium sulfate contrast x-ray imaging, complex 1905 USA/Germany
Arsphenamine chemotherapy for syphilis and African sleeping sickness 1907 Alfred Bertheim, Paul Erlich Germany
IUD intrauterine device contraception drug free 1909 Richard Richter Germany
Latex condom contraception 1912 Julius Fromm Poland/Germany
Isoniazid for tuberculosis 1912 Meyer and Malley Czechoslovakia
Heparin anticoagulant, blood thinner 1916 Jay McClean, William Henry Howell USA
Knee arthroscopy minimal surgery 1919 Kenji Takagi Japan

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