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Inventions from the Data communication Classification

Trombone brass instrument 1450 AD Italy
Guitar stringed instrument 1450 AD Spain
Bass and cello stringed instruments 1530 AD Gaudenzio Fenali Serpano, Italy
Violin stringed instrument 1542 AD Andrea Amati Cremona, Italy
Print newspaper new on paper 1605 AD Johann Carolus Strasbourg, Germany
Clarinet reed instrument 1690 AD Johann Christoph Denner Nuremberg, Germany
Piano percussion instrument 1709 AD Bartalomeo Christofori di Francesco Italy

Inventions from the Data storage Classification

Printing press with movable metal type 1450 AD Johannes Gutenberg Mainz, Germany (3)
Mercator projection map for plotting navigation 1535 AD Geraedus Mercator Netherlands
Graphite pencil 1564 AD Conrad von Gesner Switzerland
Gregorian calendar 1582 AD Pope Gregory XIII Vatican City, Italy
Calculus 1680 AD Isaac Newton, Gottfried Leibniz UK/Germany
Binary language computers 1689 AD Gottfried Leibniz Germany
Rubber eraser 1770 AD Joseph Priestly UK
Mechanical calculator analytic machine, later "computer" 1821 AD Charles Babbage UK (7)
Primitive photograph 1822 AD Joseph Nicephore Niepce France (36)
Camera 1826 AD Joseph Nicephore Niepce France (36)
Negative for photography 1835 AD William Henry Talbot UK

Inventions from the Energy radiant Classification

Rifle grooves in barrel 1498 AD Gaspard Kollner Austria (20)
Flintlock ignition 1612 AD Marin Le Boureoys France
Steam engine pump for mines 1698 AD Thomas Savory UK
Improved Watt compressor steam engine 1765 AD James Watt UK (16)
Shrapnel shell explosive fragmentation 1784 AD Henry Shrapnel UK
Percussion cap firearm 1807 AD Alexander John Forsyth UK
Internal combustion engine engine cylinder combustion 1807 AD Nicephore Niepce France
Breach loaded rifle 1810 AD John H. Hall USA
Friction match 1826 AD John Walker UK
Cylindrical bullet 1830 AD Henri-Gustave Delvigne France
Revolver practical, functional 1835 AD Samuel Colt USA

Inventions from the Energy current Classification

Lightning rod electrical conductor 1749 AD Benjamin Franklin USA
Gas turbine for electricity 1791 AD John Barber UK
Battery voltaic pile zinc-silver 1800 AD Alessandro Volta Italy (27)
Electromagnet magnet from electric current 1820 AD Hans Oerstoed UK
Electric DC motor first electric motor 1821 AD Michael Faraday UK

Inventions from the Machines non-transport Classification

Pocket watch 1500 AD Peter Henlein Germany
Slide rule 1622 AD Edmund Gunter, William Oughtred UK
Mechanical calculator 1623 AD Wilhelm Schickard, Blaine Pascal Germany/UK
Vernier scale calipers 1631 AD Pierre Vernier France
Mercury barometer barometric pressure 1643 AD Evalgelista Torricelli Italy
Vacuum pump 1650 AD Otto von Guericke Germany/Prussia
Pendulum clock improved accuracy 1656 AD Christian Huygens Netherlands
Pressure cooker faster cooking 1679 AD Denis Papin France
Flying shuttle weaving 1735 AD John Kay UK
Spinning Jenny weaving 1764 AD James Hargreaves UK
Screw cutting lathe metal screw manufacture 1775 AD Jesse Ramsden UK
Pile driver foundation setting 1791 AD John Stone USA
Paper making machine continuous 1799 AD Henry and Sealy Fourdrinier France
Band saw cutting materials 1808 AD William Newberry UK
Refrigerator vapor compression 1834 AD Oliver Evans USA (38)
Wrench nuts, bolts 1835 AD Solomon Merrick USA

Inventions from the Transport Machines Classification

Chip log measuring knots (speed) 1500 AD Portugal
Crosstaff Jacob's staff 1510 AD Leviben Gerson France
Wheelchair for Phillip, king of Spain 1590 Spain
Submarine 1620 AD Cornelius Drebbel Netherlands (99)
Sextant for latitude determination 1731 AD Thomas Godfrey/John Hadby USA/UK
Steam locomotive early 1802 AD Richard Trevithick UK
Glider flight successful 1804 AD George Cayley UK
Steamboat paddlewheel 1807 AD Robert Fulton USA
Improved locomotive steam 1814 AD George Stephenson UK

Inventions from the Materials, metals Classification

Metal screw 1450 AD Europe (65)
Insulated copper wire for electricity 1827 AD Joseph Henry USA (12)

Inventions from the Materials, non-Metals Classification

Latex, rubber, paint vulcanized rubber, synthetic latex paint 1500, 1844 Charles Goodyear Latin America/USA (92)
Microscope compound 1600 AD Zacharias Jansen Netherlands
Telescope optical 1608 AD Hans Lippershey Netherlands
Bifocals 2 stacked lenses 1784 AD Benjamin Franklin USA

Inventions from the Domestic Biotech Classification

Brush toothbrush, hair brush, scrub brush 1498 Lyda D. Newman China/USA
New World crops tomato, potato, corn, beans, peppers 1500 Meso and Latin America (63)
Cigarette tobacco from New World 1614 AD Seville, Spain
Sofa furniture 1690 AD UK
Mechanized seed drill machine planting, horse drawn 1701 AD Jethro Tull UK
Carbonated soft drink 1767 AD Joseph Priestly UK
Indoor flushing toilet 1775 AD Thomas Crapper UK
Threshing machine mechanized agriculture 1786 AD Andrew Miekle UK
Shoe laces secure shoes 1790 AD Harvey Kennedy UK
Cotton gin removes cotton seeds 1783 AD Eli Whitney USA
Reaping machine mechanized agriculture 1807 AD Cyrus McCormack USA
Vacuum sealed jars canning 1809 AD Nicholas Appert France
Tin canned food tin and steel cans 1810 AD Peter Durand UK
Combine harvester mechanized agriculture 1834 AD Hiram Moore USA

Inventions from the Medical Biotech Classification

Toothbrush boar's hair 1498 AD China
Quinine bark for malaria treatment 1672 AD Jesuit missionaries, New World natives Latin America
Randomized controlled clinical trial bias free clinical testing experiment 1747 AD James Lind UK (96)
Appendectomy successful 1763 AD Claudius Aymand France
Vaccination infectious disease prevention 1796 AD Edward Jenner UK (18)
Morphine general anesthesia 1804 AD Hanaoka Seishu Japan
Lighted endoscope endoscopy 1805 AD Philipp Bozzini Austria
Dental floss oral hygiene 1815 AD Levi Spear Palmly USA
Stethescope medical listening 1816 AD Renae Laennec France

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