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Machines non-transport


Inventions from the ORAL ERA Era

Stone tipped spears flint 250,000 BCE Africa
Obsidian flake tools glasslike stone sharpened 250,000 BCE Africa
Axe/hammer wedge of stone with lever handle, hafted 200,000 BCE Africa
Harpoon carved bone 90,000 BCE Congo, Africa
Bow and arrow flint arrow heads 70,000 BCE South Africa (83)
Boomerang carved and bent wood 50,000 BCE Australia
Fish hook carved bone 40,000 BCE Russia
Atlatl flexible throwing dart 35,000 BCE Africa
Bull roarer sound generator 18,000, BCE Ukraine
Sickle harvesting tool 15,000 BCE Israel

Inventions from the TOKENS ERA Era

Ladder on wall painting 8000 BCE Lascaux France
Sling rock hurling weapon 7000 BCE Sumer Mesopotamia
Drum musical instrument/signal 5000 BCE China
Sickle grain harvest machine 3600 BCE China

Inventions from the WRITTEN ERA Era

Helmet head protection 3000 BCE Sumer, Mesopotamia/ Egypt
Comb grooming 3000 BCE Persia
Umbrella shade, rain 2400 BCE China/Mesopotamia
Water clock time keeping 2000 BCE Babylonia/Indus River
Seismograph earthquake detection 1800 BCE China
Composite bow wood/horn/sinew composite 1700 BCE Egypt
Pulley simple machine 1500 BCE Egypt
Spoon hygiene utensil 1000 BCE Egypt

Inventions from the ALPHABET ERA Era

Crossbow 650 BCE China
Rotary crank 575 BCE Carthage/Spain
Crane wooden structure with pulley 515 BCE Greece
Winch 500 BCE Persia/Assyria
Fan 500 BCE India
Catapult weapon 485 BCE India
Pike long spear weapon 400 BCE Macedonia, Greece
Trebuchet hurling weapon 350 BCE China
Piston machine 250 BCE Egypt
Compound pulley 2 pulleys with rope 250 BCE Archimedes Greece
Archimedes screw water transport 200 BCE Archimedes Greece (65)
Belt drive with pulleys 100 BCE Rome
Arch architecture bridge, aqueduct, dam 50 BCE Rome
Gears like a toothed pulley for changing force 50 AD Hero of Alexandria Hellenic Egypt (84)
Claw hammer lever/impactor 79 AD Pompeii, Rome
Suspension bridge iron 100 AD China
Crank and rod machine 250 AD Middle East
Mongolian recurve bow 300 AD Mongolia
Mechanical clock timekeeping 725 AD Yi Xing China. (31)

Inventions from the NUMBERS ERA Era

Spinning wheel for yarn 700 AD India
Mechanical clock timekeeping 725 AD China (31)
Longbow more powerful bow 1000 AD England, UK
Crankshaft machine 1206 AD Al-Jazari Syria
Combination lock security 1206 AD Al-Jazari Syria
Camshaft machine 1206 AD Al-Jazari Syria
Scythe agriculture tool 1300 AD Europe

Inventions from the PRINT ERA Era

Pocket watch 1500 AD Peter Henlein Germany
Slide rule 1622 AD Edmund Gunter, William Oughtred UK
Mechanical calculator 1623 AD Wilhelm Schickard, Blaine Pascal Germany/UK
Vernier scale calipers 1631 AD Pierre Vernier France
Mercury barometer barometric pressure 1643 AD Evalgelista Torricelli Italy
Vacuum pump 1650 AD Otto von Guericke Germany/Prussia
Pendulum clock improved accuracy 1656 AD Christian Huygens Netherlands
Pressure cooker faster cooking 1679 AD Denis Papin France
Flying shuttle weaving 1735 AD John Kay UK
Spinning Jenny weaving 1764 AD James Hargreaves UK
Screw cutting lathe metal screw manufacture 1775 AD Jesse Ramsden UK
Pile driver foundation setting 1791 AD John Stone USA
Paper making machine continuous 1799 AD Henry and Sealy Fourdrinier France
Band saw cutting materials 1808 AD William Newberry UK
Refrigerator vapor compression 1834 AD Oliver Evans USA (38)
Wrench nuts, bolts 1835 AD Solomon Merrick USA

Inventions from the WIRED ERA Era

Steam jack hammer 1837 James Nasmyth UK
Steam shovel 1839 William Otis USA
Telemark skis for cross country skiing 1840 Telemark Norway
Grain elevator commercial elevator 1842 Joseph Dart USA
Ice making machine 1850 James Harrison Australia
Hydraulic jack 1851 Richard Dudgeon USA
Lockstitch sewing machine commercial 1851 Isaac Singer USA
Electric burglar alarm 1851 Edwin T. Holmes, Augustus R. Pope USA
Punch triangle can opener 1858 Ezra J. Warner USA
Twist drill 1861 Stephen A. Morse USA
Centrifuge cream from milk 1864 Antonin Prandtl Germany
Mousetrap 1880 Hiram Stevens Maxim USA/UK
Steam winch logging engine 1881 John Dolbeer USA
Electric dishwasher 1886 Josephine Cochrane USA
Hearing aid 1898 Miller Reese Hutchinson USA
Vacuum cleaner industrial 1901 Hubert Cecil Booth, David T. Kennedy UK/USA
Air conditioner commercial 1902 Willis Carrier USA (50)
Electric washing machine 1907 Alva J. Fisher USA
Hoover vacuum for home use 1907 James Spangler, William Henry Hoover USA

Inventions from the WIRELESS ERA Era

Ultra centrifuge 1924 Theodor Svedberg Sweden
Garbage disposal electric pig 1927 John W. Hammes USA
Chain saw industrial 1927 Andreas Stihl Switzerland/Germany
Fathometer measures water depth 1928 Herbert Grove Dorsey USA
Phase contrast microscope 1930 Frits Zernike Netherlands
Electron microscope 1931 Ernst Ruska Germany
Practical electrical washing machine wash, rinse, extract water 1933 John W. Chamberlain USA
Trampoline bouncer 1934 George Nissen USA
Baby monitor radio monitor 1937 Eugene F. MacDonald USA
Night vision goggles military 1939 Wiiam Spicer Germany/USA
Gas lawnmower push 1940 Leonard Goodall USA
Portable chainsaw homeowner 1949 Robert Paxton McCullough USA
Insulated picnic cooler 1953 Richard Laramy USA
Leaf blower 1958 Dom Quinto USA
Robot practical called Unimate 1959 George Devol USA (46)
Cordless tools rechargeable 1960 Black and Decker USA
Compound bow (pulley) more powerful arrow 1965 Holles Wilbur Allen USA
Automated teller machine ATM cash machine 1968 John Sheppard-Barron USA
Waterbed warm and wavy 1968 Charles Prior Hall USA
Jacuzzi hot tub with water jets 1968 Candido Jacuzzi USA
Myoelectric limb prosthesis muscle activates electric motor 1968 Rorbert Weiner, Melvin Glimcher, Amar Bose, Robert Mann USA
Practical smoke detector optical 1969 Duane Pearsall USA
Shakey robot, SRI international artificial intelligence, first 1970 Nils John Nilsson, Charles Rosen, Bertram Raphael, Standford U. USA
Weed wacker string trimmer 1971 George Ballas USA
Mr. Coffee automatic drip coffee maker 1972 Melitta Bentz, Gottlob Widmann USA
Dyson bagless vacuum cleaner easy maintenance 1978 James Dyson UK
Bipedal robot humanoid 1985 Hitachi Japan
Hand held rolling luggage wheels and lever 1986 Robert Plath USA

Inventions from the INTERNET ERA Era

Tippy cup non-spill lid for a child's cup 1992 Mandy Haberman UK
Elliptical exerciser, Precor low impact aerobic exerciser 1995 Precor USA
SONY artificial intelligence robot dog AIBO AI roBOtic dog 1999 SONY Japan
Roomba autonomous robot vacuum 2002 Rodney Brooks, iRobot Co. USA
Rheo microprocessor controlled prosthetic knee smart knee 2004 Hugh Herr, Ossur Co. USA/Iceland
Color night vision goggles improved contrast and object recognition 2005 Alex Toet Netherlands
3 dimensional printer commercial digital 3D constructions 2007 ZPrinter 450 USA
Robot Looj gutter cleaner 2007 IRobot USA
Nest learning thermostat artificial intelligence thermostat, smart home 2010 Fred Bould USA
Atlas robot athletic humanoid robot 2013 Boston Dynamics USA
Quantum computing IBM Q system 2019 IBM USA
Blaux air cooler, cordless portable cool air without wires 2020 China China
DoDow sleep inducing metronome timed rhythmic light, sleep aid 2020 Alexandre Dujoncquoy France

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