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Inventions from the Data communication Classification

Paper currency money 800 AD China
University early form 859 AD Fez, Morocco
University, Europe degree granting 1088 AD Bologna, Italy

Inventions from the Data storage Classification

Modern fractions 499 AD Aryabhata India
Quill pen feather writing 580 Sevilla, Spain
Mathematical zero 628 AD Brahmagupta India
Paper currency money 800 AD China (54)
Hindu-Arabic numbers base 10 modern numbers 820 AD India/Middle East (13)
Algebra complex math 850 AD Syria
University 859 AD Fez, Morocco
Movable type printing metal 1088 AD Bi Sheng, Song Dynasty China (6)
True university Europe 1088 AD Bologna Italy
Modern musical notation 1120 AD Giudo d'Arezzo Italy
Bank money storage 1149 AD Genoa Italy

Inventions from the Energy radiant Classification

Sulfur matches 577 AD China
Windmill wind power 650 AD Persia
Black gunpowder sulfur, charcoal, potassium nitrate 850 AD Wei Boyang China
Firelance first firearm 950 AD China
Bomb explosive 1221 AD China
Hand cannon firearm 1250 AD China
Bronze cannon weapon/artillary 1326 AD China
Musket true firearm 1350 AD China

Invention from the Energy current Classification

Windmill milling function powered by wind 650 AD Persia

Inventions from the Machines non-transport Classification

Spinning wheel for yarn 700 AD India
Mechanical clock timekeeping 725 AD China (31)
Longbow more powerful bow 1000 AD England, UK
Crankshaft machine 1206 AD Al-Jazari Syria
Combination lock security 1206 AD Al-Jazari Syria
Camshaft machine 1206 AD Al-Jazari Syria
Scythe agriculture tool 1300 AD Europe

Inventions from the Transport Machines Classification

Viking longboat ocean going oared sailboat 1000 AD Scandinavia
Wet compass compass for navigation 1040 AD China (71)
Chinese junk ocean going sailboat 1100 AD China
Rocket distant war weapon 1232 AD China

Inventions from the Materials, metals Classification

Bessimer process steel production 1040 AD China
Coil spring timekeeping 1420 AD Germany

Inventions from the Materials, non-Metals Classification

Clear glass windows, lenses 500 AD Angelo Barovier Italy
Toilet paper improved hygiene 589 AD China
Porcelain high quality ceramic 700 AD China
Eyeglasses corrective optics 1000 AD China
Magnifying glass optics 1250 AD Roger Bacon England (UK)

Inventions from the Domestic Biotech Classification

Coffee caffeine drink 800 AD Kaldi the goat herder Ethiopia
Button garment closure 1250 AD Germany
Banking institutionalized 1350 AD Bardi and Peruzzzi families Florence, Italy

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