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Internet — Transport Machines

InventTable — INTERNET ERA — Transport Machines

Global positioning system satellites military GPS 1989 Bradford Parkinson, Roger L. Easton, Ivan Getting USA
Garmin LTD, ProNav GPS navigation system 1989 Gary Burrell, Min Kao USA
Hubble orbiting telescope outer space telescope, no atmospheric interference 1990 NASA USA
Dual hydraulic zero radius mower controlled grass cutting 1990 Joseph Berrios USA
Fuel cell bus powered with fuel cells 1993 William Robert Grove, Francis Thomas Bacon UK
Boeing 777 completely computer designed and engineered 1995 Boeing USA
Teledyne Ryan Tier II spy drone aerial surveillance 1995 USA USA
GPS guided munitions exact co-ordinates 1995 USA USA
Supercavitating torpedo Shkval, Mach 1 1997 Russia Russia
Successful hybrid car gas and electric 1997 Toyota Prius Japan
Segway human transporting vehicle single person transport 2001 Dean Kamen USA
Magnetic levitation train Maglev train, 260 MPH 2002 China China
Scramjet engine faster than jet 2002 UK/Australia UK/Australia
Tesla roadster electric car successful modern electric car 2008 Elon Musk et al. USA
Boeing 787 Dreamliner composite fuselage 2009 Boeing USA
Hyperloop pneumatic tube concept 2013 Elon Musk et al. USA
Scramjet flight 3000 MPH, Mach 5, unmanned 2013 USA USA
Self parking BMW partial autonomous driving 2015 BMW Germany
Neopanamax container ship size limit to traverses Panama Canal 2018 international international
Russian hypersonic glide vehicle Mach 27, 27x speed of sound 2019 Pr. Bladimir L. Fraishadt Russia
Jet propulsion suit over water for safety 2019 Richard Browning et al., Gravity Industries UK
Fly boarding across English Channel 2019 Frank Zapata France


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