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Inventions from the Data communication Classification

Grammar word usage rules 700 BCE India
Coin money 600 BCE Phoenicia, Lebanon (54)
Pipe organ water pipe 250 BCE Ctesibius Rome
News Acta Diurna 59 BCE Julius Caesar Rome. (61)
Calendar Julian later Gregorian calendar 45 BCE Julius Caesar, Pope Gregory XIII Rome (98)
Postal system horse or cart methods 50 AD Caesar Augustus Rome (40)
Chess board strategy game 400 AD India

Inventions from the Data storage Classification

True alphabet including vowels 700 BCE Greece (35)
Musical notation 700 BCE India
Geometry shapes and math 500 BCE Pythagoras Greece
Pen improved ink 350 BCE India/Egypt
Comprehensive star chart 150 BCE Hipparchus of Nicaea Rhodes, Greece
Parchment animal skin for writing 150 BCE Pergamum, Turkey
Book bound parchment 150 BCE Pergamum, Turkey
Calendar days, months, years 45 BCE Julius Caesar/Gregory XIII Rome
Encyclopedia 77 AD Pliny the Elder Rome
Wood block printing on paper 220 AD China
Decimal point 400 AD India
Trigonometry math angles 450 AD Siddhantas India

Inventions from the Energy radiant Classification

Blast furnace for smelting ores 400 BCE China
Lighthouse for navigation 250 BCE Alexandria, Hellenistic Egypt
Torch sulfur and lime 100 AD Rome

Inventions from the Energy current Classification

Water wheel water powered wheel mill/device 50 BCE Vitruvius Rome

Inventions from the Machines non-transport Classification

Crossbow 650 BCE China
Rotary crank 575 BCE Carthage/Spain
Crane wooden structure with pulley 515 BCE Greece
Winch 500 BCE Persia/Assyria
Fan 500 BCE India
Catapult weapon 485 BCE India
Pike long spear weapon 400 BCE Macedonia, Greece
Trebuchet hurling weapon 350 BCE China
Piston machine 250 BCE Egypt
Compound pulley 2 pulleys with rope 250 BCE Archimedes Greece
Archimedes screw water transport 200 BCE Archimedes Greece (65)
Belt drive with pulleys 100 BCE Rome
Arch architecture bridge, aqueduct, dam 50 BCE Rome
Gears like a toothed pulley for changing force 50 AD Hero of Alexandria Hellenic Egypt (84)
Claw hammer lever/impactor 79 AD Pompeii, Rome
Suspension bridge iron 100 AD China
Crank and rod machine 250 AD Middle East
Mongolian recurve bow 300 AD Mongolia
Mechanical clock timekeeping 725 AD Yi Xing China. (31)

Inventions from the Transport Machines Classification

Early saddle cloth pad 700 BCE Assyria
Toe stirrup leather strap for big toe 200 BCE India
Lateen sail triangular cloth sail for tacking 500 BCE Greece
Metal rimmed wheel spoked 500 BCE Celtic (UK)
Framed true saddle 200 BCE China (62)
Astrolabe navigation device 150 BCE Hipparchus of Nicaea Rhodes, Greece
Wheelbarrow 100 BCE Zhuge Liang China
Horse shoe iron 100 AD Rome
Horse collar 250 AD China
Metal stirrups 250 AD China (62)
Paddle wheel boat design in mechanical treatise 450 AD Vitruvius Rome

Inventions from the Materials, metals Classification

Buckle metal 700 BCE Greece
Metal boat anchor 600 BCE Greece
Wootz crucible steel Damascus steel 600 BCE South India
Chain mail metal 400 BCE Romania
Gears metal and wood 350 BCE China
Ball bearing metal and wood 40 AD Rome
Metal fork hygiene utensil 300 AD Rome
Paired metal stirrups require a saddle to attach 300 AD China (62)

Inventions from the Materials, non-Metals Classification

Glass blowing 100 BCE Phoenicia, Lebanon (22)
Coarse paper 100 BCE China (15)
Pozzolano hydraulic concrete 27 AD Bay of Naples, Rome (47)
Glass mirror 50 AD Lebanon, Middle East
Glass window 100 AD Rome
Fine paper similar to papyrus (Egypt 3000 BCE) 100 AD Chi Luin China (15)

Inventions from the Domestic Biotech Classification

Chocolate from cocoa 700 BCE Maya/Aztec Mesoamerica
Hammock rope/cloth 425 BCE Akibiades Greece
Iron cast mouldboard plow cuts and turns the soil 300 BCE China
Chrysantemum as natural insecticide herbal pest control 100 AD China

Inventions from the Medical Biotech Classification

Moldy bean curds as antibiotic 500 BCE Egypt/Greece
Prosthetic limb 550 BCE India/Persia
Ephedrine herbal stimulant 100 BCE China
Artemisinin/quinine herbal malaria treatment 0-1600 AD China/Latin America

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