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Internet — Energy radiant

InventTable — INTERNET ERA — Energy radiant

Ultraviolet light water purification UV water sterilization 1992 Ashok Gadgil USA/India
Antisatellite LASER space weapon 1997 Department of Defense USA
Active denial system, microwave crowd clearing device heat ray 2001 James Jordan Rosenberg, Michael Peter DeLisio, Blythe Chadwick USA
LASER mapping of 3 dimensional objects digital blueprints 2001 Ben Kacyra USA
Improvised explosive device IED remotely activated 2001 international Middle East
LASER pulsed energy projectile PEP LASER induced plasma explosion 2002 E. M. Honig USA
Metal storm machine gun 1 million rounds/minute 2007 J. Mike O'Dwyer Australia
Massive ordinance penetrator MOP bunker busting bomb 2007 Department of Defense USA
Anti-drone LASER heat generating 2014 China China

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