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Internet — Non-Transport Machines

InventTable — INTERNET ERA — Machines non-transport

Tippy cup non-spill lid for a child's cup 1992 Mandy Haberman UK
Elliptical exerciser, Precor low impact aerobic exerciser 1995 Precor USA
SONY artificial intelligence robot dog AIBO AI roBOtic dog 1999 SONY Japan
Roomba autonomous robot vacuum 2002 Rodney Brooks, iRobot Co. USA
Rheo microprocessor controlled prosthetic knee smart knee 2004 Hugh Herr, Ossur Co. USA/Iceland
Color night vision goggles improved contrast and object recognition 2005 Alex Toet Netherlands
3 dimensional printer commercial digital 3D constructions 2007 ZPrinter 450 USA
Robot Looj gutter cleaner 2007 IRobot USA
Nest learning thermostat artificial intelligence thermostat, smart home 2010 Fred Bould USA
Atlas robot athletic humanoid robot 2013 Boston Dynamics USA
Quantum computing IBM Q system 2019 IBM USA
Blaux air cooler, cordless portable cool air without wires 2020 China China
DoDow sleep inducing metronome timed rhythmic light, sleep aid 2020 Alexandre Dujoncquoy France

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