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Internet — Non-Metals

InventTable — INTERNET ERA — Materials, non-Metals

Carbon nanotubes nanotechnology 1991 Sumio Iijima Japan
Microencapsulated pesticides in paint protects against insects 1996 Pilar Mateo Spain
Self cleaning windows, titanium dioxide SunClean windows 2001 Pilkington Glass UK
D3O energy absorbing plastic soft body armour which hardens on impact 2001 Richard Palmer UK
Self healing polymers repairs some types of damage 2001 Scott White, Nancy Sottos USA
Optical camouflage fabric which gives partial invisibility 2002 Susumu Tachi, Guy Kramer Japan/USA
Graphene one molecule thick graphite sheet, super material 2004 Andre Geim, Konstantin Novoselov UK
Self repairing glass polyether-thiourea 2017 U of Tokyo Japan
Ultraviolet light activated bonder Bondic 2020 Thomas Offerman Germany

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