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Inventions from the Data communication Classification

Oral Language spoken words 250,000 BCE Africa
Flute music as data 36,000 BCE Germany

Inventions from the Data storage Classification

Cave paintings image data 50,000 BCE Indonesia
Rock art petroglyphs Aborigine 45,000 BCE Australia
Baboon bone Lebombo bone, 29 tally marks 30,000 BCE Africa
Star chart Lascaux cave wall art 22,000 BCE Lascaux, France
Lunar calendar Lascaux cave wall art 15,000 BCE Lascaux, France
Map on bone carved map on bone 15,000 BCE Ukraine

Inventions from the Energy radiant Classification

Control of Fire 250,000 BCE Africa (1)
1) Heat
2) Light
3) Nutrition from cooking
4) Protection/shelter
5) Sterilize water
6) Charcoal to restart fire
7) Clearing land for crops
8) Signaling
9) Burning waste
10) Cremation
11) Repel insects
12) Cauterize wounds
13) Hardening wood/stone
14) Drying objects, clothes/food
15) Food preservation, smoking meat
16) Waterproofing with smoke
17) Migration in cold climates
18) Drive animals
19) Smoke out bees for honey
20) Drive out holed animals
21) Bending wood (Bow)
22) Burn out canoes
23) Black pigment, charcoal
24) Char wood to decrease rot
25) Remove seed chaff
26) Smoke tobacco
27) Scar/tatoos
28) Burning hair off hides
29) Warfare
30) Religious ceremonies
31) Detoxify botulism
32) Glue from birch bark
33) Ink from charcoal and glue
34) Toothpaste
35) Soap        

Inventions from the Machines non-transport Classification

Stone tipped spears flint 250,000 BCE Africa
Obsidian flake tools glasslike stone sharpened 250,000 BCE Africa
Axe/hammer wedge of stone with lever handle, hafted 200,000 BCE Africa
Harpoon carved bone 90,000 BCE Congo, Africa
Bow and arrow flint arrow heads 70,000 BCE South Africa (83)
Boomerang carved and bent wood 50,000 BCE Australia
Fish hook carved bone 40,000 BCE Russia
Atlatl flexible throwing dart 35,000 BCE Africa
Bull roarer sound generator 18,000, BCE Ukraine
Sickle harvesting tool 15,000 BCE Israel

Inventions from the Materials, non-Metals Classification

Hafting stone to glue/wood lever 200,000 BCE Africa
Paints, pigments red ocre, charcoal 100,000 BCE Africa
Shell beads jewelry 100,000 BCE Israel, Algeria
Unbraided rope fiber technology 40,000 BCE Europe
Ceramic figurine fired ceramic 27,000 BCE Czechoslovakia (34)
Felt unwoven wool 20,000 BCE Central Asia
Primitive pottery fired low temperature 18,000 BCE China

Inventions from the Domestic Biotech Classification

Bed sleeping platform 250,000 BCE South Africa
Wood huts housing 250,000 BCE Africa
Clothes leather 170,000 BCE Africa
Cloth weaving fiber weaving 36,000 BCE Czechoslovakia, Moravia, Turkey (42)
Mortar and pestle flour making 36,000 BCE Southwest Asia
Dog domestication from grey wolf 32,000 BCE Belgium, several Eurasia sites
Blanket 32,000 BCE Europe
Braided rope more advanced fiber technology 15,000 BCE Lascaux, France
Bread baking 12,000 BCE Jordan
Basket weaving container 12,000 BCE Egypt

Inventions from the Medical Biotech Classification

Trepanning holes cut into skull 65,000 BCE France, Europe
Dentistry infected tooth cleaning 12,000 BCE Northern Italy

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