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Inventions from the Data communication Classification

Commercial radio KDKA Pittsburgh 1920 Pittsburgh, PA USA (6)
Loudspeaker amplified speech 1924 Chester W. Rice, Edward W. Kellogg USA
Yagi-Uda antenna radio transmission 1926 Hidetsugu Yagi, Shintaro Uda Japan
Car radio radio on the move 1926 William P. Lear USA
Enigma machine code writing machine 1926 Arthur Scherbius Germany
Television first transmission 1927 Philo T. Farmsworth USA (29)
Sound synchronized animation talking cartoons 1928 Walt Disney USA
Color television 1928 John Logie Baird UK
Electric guitar 1931 Adoph Rickenbacker USA
Frequency modulation radio FM radio 1933 Edwin H. Armstrong USA
RADAR functional 1935 Robert Watson-Watt UK
Richter scale earthquake detection and rating 1935 Charles Francis Richter, Beno Gutenberg USA
Bass guitar electric 1935 Paul Tumarc USA
Walkie talkie 2 way radio 1938 Alfred J. Gross USA
Citizens band radio CB radio 1945 Alfred J. Gross USA
Credit card Diner's Club 1946 Frank McNamara, Ralph Schneider USA (54)
Weather radar forecasting 1948 David Atlas USA
Cable television wired TV signal 1948 John Watson USA
Pager radio notification 1949 Alfred J. Gross USA
Semiconductor pocket radio solid state electronics 1952 Norman Krim USA
Voice recognition over telephone 1952 Bell labs USA
Color television broadcasting 1953 RCA labs USA
RADAR speed gun/camera speed measure 1954 Maurits Gatsonides Netherlands
MASER microwave amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation 1955 Charles Hard Townes, Arthur Schawlow USA
Noise canceling headphones aviator 1955 Lawrence Jerome Fogel USA
Television remote control wireless 1955 Eugene Polley USA
Digital clock 1956 D.E .Protzman USA
HiFi high fidelity sound 1958 Dieter Rams, Hans Gugelot Germany
CAD (DAC-1) computer aided design 1959 IBM USA
Space War first video game 1962 Steve "Slug" Russell, MIT USA
Touch tone pad keyed numerical phone dialing 1962 John Elias Karlin USA
Sketch pad (CAD) computer aided design 1963 Ivan Sutherland USA
Moog synthesizer 1964 Robert Moog USA
Flat screen television 1964 Donald Bitzer, Gene Slottow, Robert Wilson USA
Touchscreen replaces/augments keyboard 1965 Eric A Johnson, Samuel C. Hurst UK/USA (85)
PIN personal identification number for ATM 1966 James Goodfellow UK
Virtual reality headset VR 1968 Ivan Sutherland USA
Boombox portable stereo 1968 Phillips Netherlands
Video game console 1968 Ralph H. Baer USA
LASER printer 1969 Gary Starkweather USA
Early cellular phone technology 1970 Amos Joel, Bell labs USA
Pocket calculator 1970 Busicom Co. Japan
Email 1971 Ray Tomlinson USA (68)
Computerized telephone exchange 1971 Erna Schneider Hoover, Bell labs USA
3-D computer animation 1972 Edmund Catmull USA
Pong video game 1972 Al Alcorn, Nolan Bushnell USA
CGI, computer generated imagery 1973 Edwin Catmul, Fred Parke USA
Practical cell phone mobile, wireless telephone 1973 Donald Cox, W. Rae Young, Eric Tigerstedt USA (23)
Thermal inkjet printer 1977 Ichiro Endo, Canon Japan
Sony Walkman portable music 1979 Nobutoshi Kihara, Akio Morita Japan
Cordless phone home use without wires 1980 George Sweigert, Teri Pall USA
Online stock trading 1982 Bill Porter USA
Dragon speech recognition words to print 1982 James Baker, Janet Baker USA
Nintendo entertainment system 1983 Nintendo Japan
Caller identification caller ID 1988 Shirley Ann Jackson, Kazuo Hashimoto USA/Japan

Inventions from the Data storage Classification

Talking sound film talkies 1923 Lee DeForest USA
Leica 35 film camera single lens reflex SLR camera 1925 Oskar Barnack Germany
Audio tape recorder magnetic tape sound 1928 Fritz Pfleumer Germany
Vinyl record disc phonograph recording 1932 RCA Victor
Photocopying xerography 1937 Chester F. Carlson USA
Practical ballpoint pen ink writing made easy, inexpensive 1938 Lazio and Georg Biro Hungary
Bombe Enigma code breaker universal Turing machine 1940 Alan Turing, Harold Keen UK
Instant Poloroid photograph black and white, 60 second 1946 Edwin Herbert Land USA
Long playing record, 45 min LP phonograph record 1948 Peter Carl Goldmark USA
Holography 3-dimensional image 1948 Dennis Gabor Hungary
Magnetic tape storage 1951 Univac/IBM, USA (81)
Universal bar code 1952 N. Joseph Woodland, Bernard Silver USA
Computer mouse mechanical 1952 Douglas Englebart USA
Videotape recorder 1953 Norikazu Sawazaki Japan
Felt tip pen Magic Marker 1953 Sidney Rosenthal USA
Fortran computer programming language 1954 John Backus, IBM USA
Hard drive memory RAMAC 305 1956 Reynold B. Johnson , IBM USA
Rolodex rotary card filing system 1956 Hildaur L. Neilsen, Arnold Neustadter USA
Card magnetic stripe 1958 Forrest Parry USA
Personal computer single user 1958 IBM USA
Optical disc 1961 David Paul Gregg, James Russell USA
Audio cassette tape 1962 Phillips Netherlands
Color Polaroid photograph instant color picture 1963 Edwin Herbert Land USA
BASIC language beginner's all purpose symbolic instruction code 1964 John Kemeny, Tom Kurtz USA
8 track tape 1964 Bill Lear USA
CD-ROM compact disc, read only memory 1966 James T. Russell USA
Hypertext language of the internet 1968 Ted Nelson, Andries van Dam USA
Graphical user interface 1968 Douglas Englebart USA
Microprocessor chip in credit card improved security of data 1968 Helmut Grottup, Jurgen Dethloff Germany
RAM random access memory 1968 Robert Dennard USA
ARAPANET Dept of Defense 1969 Advanced Research Projects Agency USA
E book electronic book 1969 Alan Kay USA
Pascal programming language 1970 Niklaus Wirth Switzerland
Video cassette recorder VCR 1970 Charkes Paulson Ginsburg USA
Floppy disc memory 1971 David L. Noble, IBM USA
Single chip microprocessor, Intel 4004 90,000 operations/second 1971 Federico Fagin, Ted Hoff USA
Universal product code UPC 1971 George Laverer USA
Internet protocol TCP/IP 1973 Vinton Cerf, Robert E. Kahn USA
Voicemail 1973 Scott A. Jones USA
Digital camera 1975 Steven Sasson Kodak USA
Laptop computer, notebook portable computer 1975 IBM, Compaq USA
Cray supercomputer 1976 Seymour Cray USA
Apple II computer 1976 Steve Wozniak USA
Optical mouse LED 1980 Steve Kirsch, Richard F. Lyon USA
Flash memory 1980 Fujio Masuoka, Toshiba USA
Camcorder video recorder 1983 Jerome Lemelson, SONY Japan
Microsoft Word digital documents 1983 Charles Simonyi, Richard Brodie USA
Cloud storage, business, government off site data storage 1983 Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider USA
Apple Macintosh mouse driven with graphic user interface 1984 Steve Jobs et al. USA
C++ language computer programming 1985 Bjarne Stroustrup Denmark
Windows OS operating system for computers 1985 Bill Gates, Microsoft USA
Touch pad 1988 George Gerpheide USA

Inventions from the Energy radiant Classification

Tommy gun 45 mm portable machine gun 1920 John Thompson USA
Geothermal power plant 1921 John D. Grant USA
Zippo lighter 1932 George Blaisdell USA
Nuclear fission of heavy nuclei uranium, thorium 1938 Otto Hahn, Lise Meitner, Fritz Straussmann Germany/Austria
Bazooka anti-tank weapon 1942 Clarence Hickman, Edward Uhl, Leslie Skinner USA
Napalm incendiary weapon 1942 Louis Feiser, Harvard U. USA
Nuclear fission chain reaction 1942 Enrico Fermi, U of Chicago USA
Assault rifle 1944 Hugo Schmeisser Germany
Microwave oven not portable 1945 Percy L. Spencer USA
Uranium, Little Boy, fission bomb gun type mechanism, Manhattan project 1945 J. Robert Oppenheimer et al. USA
Plutonium, Fat Man, fission bomb implosion mechanism, Manhattan project 1945 J. Robert Oppenheimer et al. USA
AK -47 assault rifle 1947 Mikhail Kalashnikov USSR
Nuclear power plant fission electricity 1951 Walter Zinn USA
Thermonuclear fusion bomb nuclear fusion, Operation Ivy 1952 Edward Teller et al. USA
Silicon solar cell sunlight to electricity 1953 Gerald Pearson,Daryl Chapin, Calvin Fuller, Bell labs USA
Uzi sub machine gun 1954 Uziel Gal Israel
LASER, semiconductor light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation 1957 Jun-ichi Nishizawa Japan
Ruby LASER 1960 Theodore Maiman, Gordon Gould, Charles Hard Townes, Atrhur L. Schawlow USA
LED light emitting diode 1962 Nick Holonyak Jr. USA
Lava lamp 1963 Edward Craven Walker USA
Carbon dioxide LASER 1964 Kumar Patel, Bell labs USA
Liquid crystal display LCD 1964 George Heilmeier USA
Portable microwave oven countertop 1967 Amana USA
LASER guided bomb smart bomb 1967 US Air Force USA
Light emitting diode watch digital watch, LED display 1972 John M. Bergey USA
Compact flourescent light bulb more efficient light 1976 Edward E. Hammer, GE USA
Neutron bomb high radiation weapon 1981 Samual T. Cohen USA
Scram jet engine more powerful jet 1981 Ray Stalker Australia
LASER pointer presentation highlighter 1982 Theodore Harold Maiman, Gordon Gould USA
OLED display organic light emitting diode 1987 Stephen Van Slyke, Ching W. Tang USA

Inventions from the Energy current Classification

Blow dryer heated air 1920 Racine Universal Motor Co. USA
Blender high speed food mixer 1922 Stephen Poplawski USA
Electric shaver men's shaver 1923 Jacob Schick USA
Fluorescent lamp 1926 Edmund Germer Germany
Quartz clock more accurate timekeeping 1927 Warren Marrison, J.W. Horton, Bell labs USA
Electric pH meter acidity measure 1930 Arnold Beckman USA
Electric can opener powered daisy wheel 1931 Preston West USA
Electric bug zapper electrocution of mosquitoes and flies 1932 William M. Frost, William Broderick Herms USA
Electric steam iron thermostat 1934 Max Skolnik USA
Electric clothes dryer heated tumbling 1935 J. Ross Moore USA
Electric air conditioner household 1939 Willis Carrier USA
Electric toothbrush 1954 Phillipe Guy Woog Switzerland
Gel electrophoresis separation 1955 Oliver Smithies Canada
Modern alkaline battery long lasting 1957 Lewis Urry Canada
MOS transistor, MOSFET world's most produced device 1959 Mohammed Atalla, Dawon Kahnb, Bell labs USA
Integrated circuit silicon monolithic 1959 Jack Kilby, Robert Noyce, Masatoshi Shima USA
Invisible fence pet containment 1973 Richard Peck USA
Southern blot gel electrophoresis DNA analysis 1975 Edwin Mellor Southern USA
Wind farm air current creates electric current 1980 Fausto Veranzio USA
Electronic tolls, E-Z pass for vehicles 1986 Mario Cardullo USA

Inventions from the Machines non-transport Classification

Ultra centrifuge 1924 Theodor Svedberg Sweden
Garbage disposal electric pig 1927 John W. Hammes USA
Chain saw industrial 1927 Andreas Stihl Switzerland/Germany
Fathometer measures water depth 1928 Herbert Grove Dorsey USA
Phase contrast microscope 1930 Frits Zernike Netherlands
Electron microscope 1931 Ernst Ruska Germany
Practical electrical washing machine wash, rinse, extract water 1933 John W. Chamberlain USA
Trampoline bouncer 1934 George Nissen USA
Baby monitor radio monitor 1937 Eugene F. MacDonald USA
Night vision goggles military 1939 Wiiam Spicer Germany/USA
Gas lawnmower push 1940 Leonard Goodall USA
Portable chainsaw homeowner 1949 Robert Paxton McCullough USA
Insulated picnic cooler 1953 Richard Laramy USA
Leaf blower 1958 Dom Quinto USA
Robot practical called Unimate 1959 George Devol USA (46)
Cordless tools rechargeable 1960 Black and Decker USA
Compound bow (pulley) more powerful arrow 1965 Holles Wilbur Allen USA
Automated teller machine ATM cash machine 1968 John Sheppard-Barron USA
Waterbed warm and wavy 1968 Charles Prior Hall USA
Jacuzzi hot tub with water jets 1968 Candido Jacuzzi USA
Myoelectric limb prosthesis muscle activates electric motor 1968 Rorbert Weiner, Melvin Glimcher, Amar Bose, Robert Mann USA
Practical smoke detector optical 1969 Duane Pearsall USA
Shakey robot, SRI international artificial intelligence, first 1970 Nils John Nilsson, Charles Rosen, Bertram Raphael, Standford U. USA
Weed wacker string trimmer 1971 George Ballas USA
Mr. Coffee automatic drip coffee maker 1972 Melitta Bentz, Gottlob Widmann USA
Dyson bagless vacuum cleaner easy maintenance 1978 James Dyson UK
Bipedal robot humanoid 1985 Hitachi Japan
Hand held rolling luggage wheels and lever 1986 Robert Plath USA

Inventions from the Transport Machines Classification

Snowmobile caterpillar track/belt 1922 Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada
Waterski water transport/recreation 1922 Ralph Samuelson USA
Bulldozer 2 caterpillar tracks 1923 James Cummings USA
Power steering easier control 1923 Francis W. Davis, George Jessup USA
All metal (aluminum) airplane 1926 William Stout USA
Life preserver inflatable 1928 Peter Markus USA
Bathysphere deep submersible 1928 Otis Barton USA
Jet engine allows supersonic flight 1928 Frank Whittle UK
Parking meter automated timer 1932 Carl C. Magee USA
Cat's eyes road edge reflectors 1934 Percy Shaw UK
Gyroscope for flight rocket guidance, 2 axis controls 1935 Robert Goddard USA
Volkswagen beetle popular car 1938 Ferdinand Porsche Germany
Ballistic missile rocket propulsion 1938 Walter Dornberger Germany
Jet flight 1939 Siegfried and Walter Gunter Germany (33)
Helicopter single rotor 1939 Igor Sikorsky USSR/USA
Jeep general purpose military vehicle 1940 Karl Pabst USA
V-2 rocket first successful rocket/guided missile 1942 Wernher von Braun Germany (32)
SCUBA gear underwater personal travel (aqualung) 1943 Jacques Cousteau France
V-1 guided flying bombs doodlebugs 1944 Robert Lisserr Germany
ICBM intercontinental ballistic missile 1947 US Air Force USA
Supersonic airplane 1947 US Air Force USA
Air bag safety device 1952 John W. Hetrick USA
Black box flight recorder 1953 David Warren Australia
Backhoe loader dual duties 1953 Joseph Cyril Bamford UK
Vertical take off and land plane VTOL 1954 Hugh Graham Convay USA
Jet boat shallow water effective 1954 William Hamilton New Zealand
Nautilus nuclear submarine near limitless submersion 1954 US Navy USA
Container ship most of world exports 1955 White Pass and Yukon Co. Canada (94)
Skateboard urethane wheels, ball bearings 1955, 1970 Bill and Mark Richards USA
Hovercraft air cushion ride 1955 Christopher Sidney Cockerell, Will R. Bertelsen UK
Trucking container truck, rail, and water transport 1956 Malcolm McLean USA (94)
Catalytic converter decreases emissions 1956 Eugene Houdry France
Sputnik satellites I and II first satellites 1957 Sergey Korolev et al. USSR
Portable nuclear generator for space vehicles 1959 Jerome Morse USA
Shoulder harness car safety restraint 1959 Nils Bohlin, Volvo Sweden
Weather satellite improved forecasting 1959 Verner Suomi Finland/USA
Nuclear aircraft carrier 1960 US Navy USA
Geostationary satellite communications technology 1964 Harold Rosen, Hughes Aircraft USA
Snowboard 1965 Sherman Poppin , Tom Sims USA
Ski-doo snowmobile commercially successful 1965 Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada
Trailer hitch 1966 Ludwig Bacher Canada
Apollo 11 moon landing 1969 NASA USA
Car alarm car security 1970 Charles E. Davis USA
747 jet airplane 1970 Boeing USA
Space station 1971 USSR
Anti lock brakes safer stopping 1971 Bendix Co, Chrysler, Toyota Japan/USA
Electronic ignition improved car starting 1972 Charles Kettering USA
Jet ski stand up jet boat 1973 Clayton Jacobson USA
Functional airbags safety devices 1973 General Motors USA
Tire pressure sensor tire safety 1974 George E. Garcia USA
Maglev train magnetic levitation, superconducting 1979 Gordon Danby, James Powell USA
Space shuttle reusable spacecraft, silica ceramic tiles 1981 NASA USA
Stealth fighter low radar signal technology 1982 Denys Overholser, Petr Ufimtsev USA/USSR
Self driving vehicle autonomous 1984 Ernst Dickmanns, Mercedes Germany
B-2 stealth bomber exterior non-metal composite constructed 1988 Hal Markarian, Northrup Grummon USA




Inventions from the Materials, metals Classification

Snap on socket wrench directional wrenches with improved leverage 1920 Joseph Johnson, William Seidemann USA
Allen wrench hex head screw 1920 Edigio Brugola, William G. Allen Italy/USA
Super alloy Al-Ni-Cr aluminum, nickel, chromium alloy 1926 Paul Dyer Merica USA
Metal foam extremely lightweight metal, porous 1926 John C. Elliott USA
Metal detector 1928 Gerhard Fisher Germany/USA
Pop rivet, blind rivet allows one sided application 1928 Louis Huck USA
Shape memory alloys gold-cadmium 1928 Arne Olander Sweden
Beverage can 1933 American Can Co. USA
Phillips head screw more reliable for mechanical application 1934 Henry F. Phillips USA
Transistor MOS transistor most common device made ever 1947 John Bardeen Walter Brattain, Willam Shockley, Bell labs USA
Plasma spray 1950 Max Ulrich Schoop Switzerland
Electron beam welding 1952 Karl-Heinz, Steigerwald Germany
Hot isostatic pressing metal HIP metal 1955 Gripshover, Hanes, Battelle's Columbus labs USA
Integrated circuit silicon metalloid semiconductor "chip" 1958 Jack Kilby USA (21)
Pop top drink can ring pull pop top 1959 Ermal Fraze USA

Inventions from the Materials, non-Metals Classification

Isopropyl alcohol 1920 Standard Oil Co. USA
Facial tissue paper disposable 1924 Kimberly-Clark Co. USA
Tape scotch, masking, duct 1925,1930,1940 Richard Gurley Drew USA (97)
Vinyl poly vinyl chloride 1926 Waldo Lonsbury Semon USA
Aerosol spray can 1926 Erik Rotholm Norway
Freon refrigerant,chlorofluorocarbons refrigerator, air conditioner 1928 Thomas Midgley, Jr. USA
Foam rubber 1929 E.A. Murphy, Dunlap Latex Development lab UK
Neoprene 1930 Elmer K. Bolton, Wallace Carothers, Dupont USA
Paper towels disposable 1931 Arthur Scott USA
Saran wrap PVDC, poly vinylidene chloride 1932 Ralph Wiley USA
Plexiglass clear plastic 1933 Otto Rohm Germany
Run flat automobile tires 1934 Michelin France
Nylon polymer fiber 1935 Wallace Carothers, DuPont USA/UK
Epoxy resin adhesive 1936 Pierre Castan, Sylvan Greenlee Switzerland/USA
Screw on bottle cap resealable top 1936 Edward Ravenscroft USA
Disposable diapers 1936 Paulistrom Bruk, Marion O'Brien Donovan USA
Polyurethane 1937 Otto Bayer Germany
Fiberglass no rot in water 1938 Russell Games Slayter, John Thomas, Owen Corning USA
Teflon polytetrafluoroethylene 1938 Roy Plunkett USA
Non-reflective glass 1938 Katherine Blodgett USA
Polyester Dacron fiber 1939 John Whinfield, James Dickson, W.H. Caruthers, DuPont UK/USA (74)
Latex paint c;leans up with water 1941 Sherwin Williams USA
Superglue cyanoacrylate adhesive 1942 Harry Coover USA
Radial tires improved performance 1945 Michelin France
Tupperware high performance plastic containers 1945 Earl Tupper USA
Acrylic paint 1947 Leonard Bocour, Sam Golden USA
Cat litter improved cat hygiene 1947 Edward Lowe USA
Fracking gas with water 1947 Floyd Farris, J.B. Clark, Standard Oil Co. USA
Velcro 1948 George de Mestral Switzerland
Aerosol spray paint convenient paint 1949 Ed Seymour USA
Polypropylene polymer fiber rot resistant 1951 Giulio Natta Italy
Gorilla glass , lithium silicate ultra strong glass 1952 Corning USA/Netherlands
Fiber optic glass 100% internal light reflection 1953 Narinder Singh Kapany UK (57)
WD - 40 spray lubricant 1953 Norm Larsen USA
Styrofoam, polystyrene packing material 1954 Ray McIntire, Dow USA
Ziplock bags resealable clear bags 1954 Borge Madsen Denmark
Synthetic diamonds high pressure, high temperature 1955, 1971 Tracy Hall, GE USA (92)
Hair spray aerosol 1955 Chase products USA
Bubble wrap packing material 1957 Alfred Fielding, Marc Chavannes USA/Switzerland
Ziptie, cable tie plastic locking closure device 1958 Thomas and Betts USA
Carbon fiber, high performance often a composite 1958 Bacon and Wesley Schalamon USA
Spandex, lycra elastic, stretch fabric 1959 Joseph Shivers, DuPont USA
Pantyhose 1959 Glenn Raven Mills USA
Plastic bag 1959 Sten Gustaf Thulin Sweden
Photochromic glass light darkening glass, lenses 1962 William Arnistead, Donald Stookey, Corning Glass USA
Astroturf synthetic grass surface for sports 1965 James Faria, Robert T. Wright USA
Kevlar, strong polymer fiber bullet proof vest 1965, 1975 Stephanie Kwolek, DuPont USA
Hydroxyapatite bioceramic, orthopedic implants 1969 Larry Hench USA
Goretex , stretched teflon breathable waterproof fabric 1969 Wilbert L. Gore, Robert W. Gore, Rowena Taylor USA
Post It notes silicone adhesive 1970 Arthur Fry, 3M USA
Fiberoptic glass ultra pure 1970 Corning Netherlands
Nike waffle shoe sportswear 1971 Bill Bowerman USA
PET, polyethylene terephthalate recyclable plastic 1973 Nathaniel Wyeth USA
Touchscreen Gorilla Glass, lithium silicate 1975, 1987 George Samuel Hurst USA
Conductive polymers electric conducting plastic 1977 Alan MacDiarmid, Hideki Shirakawa, Alan Heeger USA
Polar fleece polyester insulating fabric 1979 Malden Mills, Polartec USA
Liquid soap, Softsoap in pump dispenser 1980 Minnetonka Co. USA
Chemical vapor deposition diamonds synthetic gem quality 1985 William G. Eversol USA
Fullerene bucky ball 1985 Harold W. Kroto, Richard E. Smalley, Robert F. Curl USA
High temperature ceramic superconductor 1986 Karl Alex Muller, Johannes Georg Gednorz Switzerland/Germany
Crosslinked polyethylene extremely wear resistant plastic, orthopedic implants 1988 Thomas Engel Germany




Inventions from the Domestic Biotech Classification

Flash frozen food fresher tasting 1924 Clarence Birdseye USA
Kool Aid uncarbonated soft drink 1927 Edwin E. Perkins USA
Synthetic detergent, FEWA clothes washing 1935 Heinrich Bertsch Germany
Suntan lotion sunscreen 1936 Eugene Schueller France
Biodiesel fuel 1937 G. Chavanne Belgium
Carbon 14 dating archaeology 1940 Martin Kamen, UC Berkley USA
Freeze dried food modern 1946 Earl F. Flosdorf USA
Round baler for hay Roto-baler, large round bails 1947 Ummo Luebben, Allis-Chalmers USA
Roll on deodorant Ban 1952 Helen Barnett Diserens USA
Self propelled combine harvester mechanized farming 1952 Claeys, Claas Germany
Cloning frog tadpole, amphibian 1952 Robert Briggs,Thomas King USA
Frozen TV dinner heated on tray 1954 C.A. Swanson USA
E cigarette nicotine system 1963 Herbert Al. Gilbert, Hon Lik USA
Reverse osmosis water purification 1964 Sidney Loeb USA
Reverse osmosis desalination plant 1965 Jean Antoine Nollet France (76)
Aspartame artificial sweetener 1965 James M. Schlatter USA
Mammal cloning 1970 John B. Gurdon UK
Genetically modified bacteria Pseudomonas, oil eating GMO bacteria 1971 Ananda Mohan Chakrabarty, GE USA
Monoclonal antibodies immunotherapy 1975 Georges J. F. Kohler, Cesar Milstein Germany/Argentina
DNA sequencing not automated 1977 Frederick Sanger UK
Gene splicing human to bacteria gene 1977 Paul Zamecnik USA
DNA fingerprinting and profiling crime solving, forensic 1984 Alec John Jeffreys UK
Automated DNA sequencing practical 1985 Leroy Edward Hood, Lloyd Smith USA
Seedless watermelon 1987 Woo Jang-choon Korea/Japan



Inventions from the Medical Biotech Classification

Epidural anesthesia regional anesthesia 1921 Fidel Pages Spain
Band aid sterile adhesive bandage 1921 Earle Dickson USA
Polygraph lie detector test 1921 John Augustus Larson USA
Q tips cotton tipped swabs 1923 Leo Gerstenzang USA
Electroencephalogram EEG test, brain electrical activity 1924 Hans Berger Germany
Carpal tunnel release surgery treatment for hand numbness and pain 1924 Herbert Galloway Canada
Tetanus toxoid vaccine prevents lock jaw infection 1925 Alexander Thomas Glenny et al. UK
Pertussis vaccine prevents whooping cough 1926 Leila Denmark USA
Diphtheria toxoid vaccine prevents diphtheria 1927 Alexander Thomas Glenny et al. UK
Iron lung respirator breathing machine 1927 Phillip Drinker,Louis Agassiz Shaw USA
Penicillin blockbuster antibiotic 1928 Alexander Fleming UK (19)
Cardiac pacemaker wired heart rhythm correction 1928 Mark Lidwell Australia
Cotton tampon menstruation management 1930 Earle Cleveland Haas USA
Breathalyzer blood alcohol assessment 1931 Rolla Neil Harger, Indiana U. USA
Hydrocortisone potent anti-inflammatory medication 1936 Percy Lavon Julian USA
Blood bank transfusion management 1937 Charles Richard Drew, Bernard Fantus, Chicago USA
Hip replacement surgery fractures, arthritis 1940 Austin Moore USA
Hemodialysis replaces kidney function 1943 Willem J. Kolff Netherlands
Lidocaine, Xylocaine local anesthesia 1943 Nils Lofgren Sweden
Chemotherapy for cancer nitrogen mustard 1946 Alfred Gilman, Louis S. Goodman USA
Methotrexate immunosupression treat inflammation 1947 Sidney Farber USA
Acetaminophen (Tylenol) pain reliever, antipyretic 1948 Julius Axelrod, Bernard Brodie USA
Electrolyte replacement for diarrhea oral and intravenous fluids 1949 Daniel C. Darrow, Harold Harrison USA
Succinylcholine muscle relaxant for anesthesia paralysis 1949 Daniel Bovet Italy
Artificial intraocular lens lens replacement for cataracts 1949 Harold Ridley UK
Holter monitor detects abnormal heart rhythms 1949 Norman Jeffferis Holter USA
Nystatin, Mycostatin antifungal medicine 1950 Rachel Fuller Brown, Elizabeth Lee Hazen USA
Thorazine, chlorpromazine psychotrophic medicine 1951 Heni Laborit, Pierre Deniker, Heinz Lehmann France/Canada (87)
Salk polio vaccine polio prevention 1952 Jonas Salk USA
Apgar score newborn health assessment 1952 Virginia Apgar USA
Isoniazid for tuberculosis second biggest killer in history 1952 Meyer and Malley Czechoslovakia
Heart lung machine allows for heart surgery on a stopped heart 1953 John Heysham Gibbon USA
Vancomycin antibiotic treats severe staph and strep infections 1953 Edmund Kornfeld USA
Cochlear implant hearing surgery 1953 Andre Djourno France
Catheter surgery minimally invasive surgery, Seldinger technique 1953 Sven Ivar Seldinger Sweden (79)
Ultrasound, echocardiogram sound waves for diagnosis 1953, 1956 Inge Edler, Carl Hertz, Ian Donald, Tom Browen Sweden /UK (75)
Prednisone cortisone pill anti-inflammatory 1954 Arthur Noble UK
Kidney transplant most common organ transplant 1954 Joseph E. Murray USA
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR 1954 Peter Safar, James Elam USA
Chlorhexidine topical skin disinfectant 1954 Imperial Chemical Industries, Ld. UK
Betadine, povodine-iodine topical skin disinfectant 1955 H.A. Shelanski, M.V. Shelanski USA
Metered dose inhaler asthma/COPD therapy 1956 Charlie Thiel, 3M USA
Bone marrow transplant blood cancer therapy 1956 E. Donnall Thomas USA
Birth control pill sexual freedom, contraception 1956, 1960 Gregory Pincus, John Rock, Min Chueh Chang USA (100)
Endoscopy, fiberoptic flexible upper and lower gastrointestinal 1957 Basil Hirschowitz, Larry Curtis, Wilbur Peters USA
Haloperidol, Haldol antipsychotic, schizophrenia 1958 Paul Janssen Belgium
Lasix, furosemide diuretic for swelling, edema, fluid retention 1959 Sanofi USA
Valium, diazepam sedative for anxiety 1959 Leo Sternbach USA
DOPA for Parkinson's disease anti-tremor effects 1960 Oleh Hornykiewicz Austria
Coronary artery bypass graft, heart CABG 1960 Robert Goetz, Michael DeBakey USA
Ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine 1960 Stewart Adams UK
Liver and lung transplants organ transplants 1963 Thomas Starzl, James Hardy USA
Portable heart defibrillator advanced CPR 1965 Frank Pantridge UK
Commercial ultrasound obstetrics 1965 Walter Erich Krause USA
Rubella vaccine prevents German measles 1965 Harry Martin Meyer, Paul Parkman USA
Oral Sabin vaccine prevents polio with no injection needed 1966 Albert Bruce Sabin USA
Heart transplant successful 1967 Christiaan Neethling Barnard South Africa
Fogarty balloon catheter removes clots, minimally invasive 1969 Thomas Fogarty USA
Digital thermometer more accurate temperatures 1970 Robert Cherry Martin USA
Transdermal patch drug delivery through the skin 1971 Alejandro Zaffaroni USA
Pulse oximeter measures blood oxygen level 1972 Takuo Aoyagi Japan
Computed tomography scan CT scan 1972 Godfrey Hounsfield, Allan Cormack, Robert S. Ledley UK/USA
Magnetic resonance imaging MRI scan, no radiation 1973 Raymond Damadian, Paul Lauterbur USA (74)
Prozac antidepressant medication 1972 Ray W. Fuller, Bryan B. Molloy, David T. Wong USA
LASER eye surgery, Lasik vision correction with surgery 1973 Mani Lal Bhaumik India/USA
Liposuction cosmetic surgery 1974 Giorgio Fischer Italy
Total knee replacement surgery cemented metal and plastic parts 1974 John Insall USA
Heimlich maneuver food bolus extraction 1974 Henry Judah Heimlich USA
Versed, midazelam conscious sedation IV 1975 Armin Walser Switzerland
Positron emission tomography PET scan, cancer assessment 1977 Edward J. Hoffman, UCLA USA
In vitro fertilization test tube baby 1978 Patrick Steptoe, Robert Edwards UK
Lithotrypter for gallstones focused sound to break down gallstones 1980 Claude Dornier Germany
Hepatitis B test and vaccine diagnosis and prevents hepatitis B 1980 Baruch Samuel Blumberg USA
Mumps vaccine prevents mumps 1981 Maurice Hilleman USA
Artificial heart Jarvik -7 1982 Paul Winchell, Willem Johan Kolff, Robert Jarvik USA
Humulin recombinant insulin 1982 Genentech USA
RU-486 abortion pill avoids surgery 1988 Etienne-Emile Baulieu France
Intravascular stent catheter placed stent in obstructed blood vessel 1988 Julio Palmaz Argentina



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