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Domestic Biotech


Inventions from the ORAL ERA Era

Bed sleeping platform 250,000 BCE South Africa
Wood huts housing 250,000 BCE Africa
Clothes leather 170,000 BCE Africa
Cloth weaving fiber weaving 36,000 BCE Czechoslovakia, Moravia, Turkey (42)
Mortar and pestle flour making 36,000 BCE Southwest Asia
Dog domestication from grey wolf 32,000 BCE Belgium, several Eurasia sites
Blanket 32,000 BCE Europe
Braided rope more advanced fiber technology 15,000 BCE Lascaux, France
Bread baking 12,000 BCE Jordan
Basket weaving container 12,000 BCE Egypt

Inventions from the TOKENS ERA Era

Eight paleolithic founding crops domestication first domesticated plants: eikorn wheat, emmer wheat, peas, chick peas, flax, rye, hulled barley, bitter vetch 10,000 BCE Mesopotamia (4)
Fermentation of beer and wine beer first fermented 10,000 BCE Mesopotamia (91)
Domestication of herding animals sheep, goats, pigs, cattle 10,000 BCE Mesopotamia (5)
Gourds vessels for containment 10,0000 BCE Peru
Grain grinding milling 9000 BCE Syria
Granary grain storage 9500 BCE Israel
Domestication of pigs pork #1 meat in world 8500 BCE Europe, Asia
Fort walled village 7000 BCE Indus River
Sugar cane domestication sweetener 7000 BCE New Guinea
Tanned leather clothing, etc 7000 BCE Indus River
Domesticated bananas most common fruit 6500 BCE New Guinea
Wool garments/rugs woven wool 6000 BCE Mesopotamia
Yogurt bacteria cultures 5000 BCE Mesopotamia
Cheese preserved milk product 5000 BCE Poland
Irrigation first hydraulic engineering 5000 BCE Mesopotamia
Chickens domesticated least expensive meat 5200 BCE China
Plow, ard scratch plow domesticated oxen 5000 BCE Mesopotamia (10)
Leavened bread yeast 4000 BCE Egypt
Canal hydraulic engineering 4000 BCE Syria
Apple domestication common fruit 4000 BCE Kazakhstan

Inventions from the WRITTEN ERA Era

Horse domesticated coincides with wheel/axle 3500 BCE Eurasian steppes
First large city Uruk, Sumer 3200 BCE Sumer, Mesopotamia
Cat domesticated felines 3000 BCE Egypt
Dice game 3000 BCE Egypt
Donkey/ass domesticated beast of burden 3000 BCE Egypt
Distillation of alcohol ethanol 3000 BCE Indus River
Toilet indoor plumbing 3000 BCE Indus River (25)
Dam with reservoir 3000 BCE Indus River
Cotton fabric woven 3000 BCE Egypt
Soap personal hygiene 2800 BCE Sumer, Mesopotamia (53)
Public baths sewage system 2600 BCE Indus River
Levee flood control 2600 BCE Indus River
Enclosed harbor protected shipping 2500 BCE Indus River
Sulfur as a pesticide agriculture 2500 BCE Mesopotamia
Pickles preserved cucumbers 2400 BCE India/Mesopotamia
Noodles from wheat dough 2000 BCE China
Aqueduct water transport 2000 BCE Greece

Inventions from the ALPHABET ERA Era

Chocolate from cocoa 700 BCE Maya/Aztec Mesoamerica
Hammock rope/cloth 425 BCE Akibiades Greece
Iron cast mouldboard plow cuts and turns the soil 300 BCE China
Chrysantemum as natural insecticide herbal pest control 100 AD China

Inventions from the NUMBERS ERA Era

Coffee caffeine drink 800 AD Kaldi the goat herder Ethiopia
Button garment closure 1250 AD Germany
Banking institutionalized 1350 AD Bardi and Peruzzzi families Florence, Italy

Inventions from the PRINT ERA Era

Brush toothbrush, hair brush, scrub brush 1498 Lyda D. Newman China/USA
New World crops tomato, potato, corn, beans, peppers 1500 Meso and Latin America (63)
Cigarette tobacco from New World 1614 AD Seville, Spain
Sofa furniture 1690 AD UK
Mechanized seed drill machine planting, horse drawn 1701 AD Jethro Tull UK
Carbonated soft drink 1767 AD Joseph Priestly UK
Indoor flushing toilet 1775 AD Thomas Crapper UK
Threshing machine mechanized agriculture 1786 AD Andrew Miekle UK
Shoe laces secure shoes 1790 AD Harvey Kennedy UK
Cotton gin removes cotton seeds 1783 AD Eli Whitney USA
Reaping machine mechanized agriculture 1807 AD Cyrus McCormack USA
Vacuum sealed jars canning 1809 AD Nicholas Appert France
Tin canned food tin and steel cans 1810 AD Peter Durand UK
Combine harvester mechanized agriculture 1834 AD Hiram Moore USA

Inventions from the WIRED ERA Era

Practical threshing machine mechanized agriculture 1837 Hiram A. Pitts, John A. Pitts USA
Standard modern flush toilet sanitation mechanized 1837 Thomas Crapper UK
Steel plow modern 1837 John Deere USA
Super phosphate first synthetic fertilizer 1839 Justus von Biebig, John Bennet Lawes UK
Ice cream maker 1843 Nancy Johnson USA
Mowing machine practical 1844 William Ketchum USA
Dry cleaning 1849 Jean-Baptiste Jolly France
Pasteurization 1864 Louis Pasteur France (49)
Scientific plant breeding Mendelian 1865 Gregor Mendel Czechoslovakia
Margarine butter substitute 1869 Hippolyte Mage-Mourias France
Hay bailing machine automatic 1872 Charles Withington USA
Blue jeans miners wear 1873 Levi Strauss, Jacob Davis USA
DDT pesticide dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane 1874 Othmar Zeidler Germany
Saccharin artificial sweetner 1879 Ira Remsen, Constantin Fahlberg USA/Germany
Septic tank sanitation 1881 Jean-Louis Mouras France
Peanut butter 1884 Marcellus Gilmore Edson Canada
Coca cola soft drink 1886 John Pemberton USA
Sewage treatment facility sanitary engineering 1890 Worchester , Mass. USA
Gas tractor mechanized agriculture 1892 John Froehlich USA
Zipper fastening device 1893 Whitcomb Judson USA
Breakfast cereal flakes 1894 John Harvey Kellogg USA
Hairbrush hygiene 1898 Lyda D. Newman USA
Concrete dam 1903 Nils F. Ambursen USA
Synthetic detergent 1907 Fritz Henkel Germany
Hybrid corn 1917 Donald F. Jones USA
Nitrogen fixation Haber-Bosch process for ammonia production 1918 Fritz Haber, Carl Bosch Germany (46)

Inventions from the WIRELESS ERA Era

Flash frozen food fresher tasting 1924 Clarence Birdseye USA
Kool Aid uncarbonated soft drink 1927 Edwin E. Perkins USA
Synthetic detergent, FEWA clothes washing 1935 Heinrich Bertsch Germany
Suntan lotion sunscreen 1936 Eugene Schueller France
Biodiesel fuel 1937 G. Chavanne Belgium
Carbon 14 dating archaeology 1940 Martin Kamen, UC Berkley USA
Freeze dried food modern 1946 Earl F. Flosdorf USA
Round baler for hay Roto-baler, large round bails 1947 Ummo Luebben, Allis-Chalmers USA
Roll on deodorant Ban 1952 Helen Barnett Diserens USA
Self propelled combine harvester mechanized farming 1952 Claeys, Claas Germany
Cloning frog tadpole, amphibian 1952 Robert Briggs,Thomas King USA
Frozen TV dinner heated on tray 1954 C.A. Swanson USA
E cigarette nicotine system 1963 Herbert Al. Gilbert, Hon Lik USA
Reverse osmosis water purification 1964 Sidney Loeb USA
Reverse osmosis desalination plant 1965 Jean Antoine Nollet France (76)
Aspartame artificial sweetener 1965 James M. Schlatter USA
Mammal cloning 1970 John B. Gurdon UK
Genetically modified bacteria Pseudomonas, oil eating GMO bacteria 1971 Ananda Mohan Chakrabarty, GE USA
Monoclonal antibodies immunotherapy 1975 Georges J. F. Kohler, Cesar Milstein Germany/Argentina
DNA sequencing not automated 1977 Frederick Sanger UK
Gene splicing human to bacteria gene 1977 Paul Zamecnik USA
DNA fingerprinting and profiling crime solving, forensic 1984 Alec John Jeffreys UK
Automated DNA sequencing practical 1985 Leroy Edward Hood, Lloyd Smith USA
Seedless watermelon 1987 Woo Jang-choon Korea/Japan



Inventions from the INTERNET ERA Era

Genetically modified organism GMO tomato 1994 Jonathan Jones, Cathie Martin USA
Genetically modified organism GMO corn 1996 Boyer and Cohen, Monsanto USA
Dolly cloned sheep successful mammalian cloning 1996 Keith Campbell, Ian Wilmut et al. UK
Genetically modified organism GMO soybean 1996 Boyer and Cohen, Monsanto USA
Genetically modified organism GMO rice 1999 Ingo Potrykus, Peter Beyer Switzerland
Rapamycin extends rodent life expectancy 20% anti aging drugs, TOR 2009 Michael Hall, George Levi Switzerland/USA
Cultured meat cellular agriculture 2013 Jason Gaverick Metheny USA
Genetically modified salmon GMO salmon 2015 Garth Fletcher USA
CRISPR tomato GMO 2019 Jennifer Doudna et al. USA
CRISPR biofuels biodiesel 2019 Jennifer Doudna et al. USA
Impossible meat leghemoglobin yeast GMO 2019 Patrick O. Brown USA


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