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Written — Medical Biotech

InventTable — WRITTEN ERA — Medical Biotech

Wine as anesthesia highly intoxicated 3500 BCE Mesopotamia
Tattoo skin scar/pigment 3200 BCE Otzi the Iceman Alps of Europe
Willow bark aspirin herbal 3000 BCE Egypt
Honey wound treatment 2800 BCE Egypt
Soap very harsh initially 2800 BCE Mesopotamia (Sumer) (52)
Mummification anatomic preservation 2600 BCE Egypt
Acupuncture needle therapy 2500 BCE China
Garlic as mosquito repellant malaria prevention 2500 BCE Egypt
Mosquito bed netting sheer fabric 2500 BCE Egypt
Opium as anesthesia narcotic herbal 2000 BCE Egypt
Calamine, zinc oxide, iron oxide skin rash Rx 1500 BCE Egypt
Toe prosthesis toe replacement 950 BCE Egypt
Dentures false teeth 750 BCE Italy

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