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Print — Data storage

InventTable — PRINT ERA — Data storage

Printing press with movable metal type 1450 AD Johannes Gutenberg Mainz, Germany (3)
Mercator projection map for plotting navigation 1535 AD Geraedus Mercator Netherlands
Graphite pencil 1564 AD Conrad von Gesner Switzerland
Gregorian calendar 1582 AD Pope Gregory XIII Vatican City, Italy
Calculus 1680 AD Isaac Newton, Gottfried Leibniz UK/Germany
Binary language computers 1689 AD Gottfried Leibniz Germany
Rubber eraser 1770 AD Joseph Priestly UK
Mechanical calculator analytic machine, later "computer" 1821 AD Charles Babbage UK (7)
Primitive photograph 1822 AD Joseph Nicephore Niepce France (36)
Camera 1826 AD Joseph Nicephore Niepce France (36)
Negative for photography 1835 AD William Henry Talbot UK

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