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Written— Metals

InventTable — WRITTEN ERA — Materials, metals

Bronze smelting tin and copper alloy 3400 BCE Mesopotamia (11)
Nail bronze 3400 BCE Egypt (64)
Bell bronze 3000 BCE China
Saw bronze 3000 BCE Egypt
Metal pliers metal tongs 3000 BCE Egypt/Mesopotamia
Brazing and soldering metal bonding 2500 BCE Egypt
Wrought iron simple iron 2500 BCE Anatolia, Turkey
Welding strong metal bonding 2500 BCE Anatolia, Turkey
Iron and gold dagger meteoric iron 2500 BCE Anatolia, Turkey (82)
Metal lock and key security 2000 BCE Assyria/Egypt
Iron smelting iron from ore 1800 BCE Mesopotamia (11)
Steel iron-carbon alloy 1800 BCE Anatolia, Turkey
Iron weaponry swords, spears, arrow heads 1600 BCE Hittites Anatolia, Turkey (82)
Scissors bronze 1500 CE Egypt
Wool shears metal 1000 BCE Egypt

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