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Wireless — Data communication

InventTable — WIRELESS ERA — Data communication

Commercial radio KDKA Pittsburgh 1920 Pittsburgh, PA USA (6)
Loudspeaker amplified speech 1924 Chester W. Rice, Edward W. Kellogg USA
Yagi-Uda antenna radio transmission 1926 Hidetsugu Yagi, Shintaro Uda Japan
Car radio radio on the move 1926 William P. Lear USA
Enigma machine code writing machine 1926 Arthur Scherbius Germany
Television first transmission 1927 Philo T. Farmsworth USA (29)
Sound synchronized animation talking cartoons 1928 Walt Disney USA
Color television 1928 John Logie Baird UK
Electric guitar 1931 Adoph Rickenbacker USA
Frequency modulation radio FM radio 1933 Edwin H. Armstrong USA
RADAR functional 1935 Robert Watson-Watt UK
Richter scale earthquake detection and rating 1935 Charles Francis Richter, Beno Gutenberg USA
Bass guitar electric 1935 Paul Tumarc USA
Walkie talkie 2 way radio 1938 Alfred J. Gross USA
Citizens band radio CB radio 1945 Alfred J. Gross USA
Credit card Diner's Club 1946 Frank McNamara, Ralph Schneider USA (54)
Weather radar forecasting 1948 David Atlas USA
Cable television wired TV signal 1948 John Watson USA
Pager radio notification 1949 Alfred J. Gross USA
Semiconductor pocket radio solid state electronics 1952 Norman Krim USA
Voice recognition over telephone 1952 Bell labs USA
Color television broadcasting 1953 RCA labs USA
RADAR speed gun/camera speed measure 1954 Maurits Gatsonides Netherlands
MASER microwave amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation 1955 Charles Hard Townes, Arthur Schawlow USA
Noise canceling headphones aviator 1955 Lawrence Jerome Fogel USA
Television remote control wireless 1955 Eugene Polley USA
Digital clock 1956 D.E .Protzman USA
HiFi high fidelity sound 1958 Dieter Rams, Hans Gugelot Germany
CAD (DAC-1) computer aided design 1959 IBM USA
Space War first video game 1962 Steve "Slug" Russell, MIT USA
Touch tone pad keyed numerical phone dialing 1962 John Elias Karlin USA
Sketch pad (CAD) computer aided design 1963 Ivan Sutherland USA
Moog synthesizer 1964 Robert Moog USA
Flat screen television 1964 Donald Bitzer, Gene Slottow, Robert Wilson USA
Touchscreen replaces/augments keyboard 1965 Eric A Johnson, Samuel C. Hurst UK/USA (85)
PIN personal identification number for ATM 1966 James Goodfellow UK
Virtual reality headset VR 1968 Ivan Sutherland USA
Boombox portable stereo 1968 Phillips Netherlands
Video game console 1968 Ralph H. Baer USA
LASER printer 1969 Gary Starkweather USA
Early cellular phone technology 1970 Amos Joel, Bell labs USA
Pocket calculator 1970 Busicom Co. Japan
Email 1971 Ray Tomlinson USA (68)
Computerized telephone exchange 1971 Erna Schneider Hoover, Bell labs USA
3-D computer animation 1972 Edmund Catmull USA
Pong video game 1972 Al Alcorn, Nolan Bushnell USA
CGI, computer generated imagery 1973 Edwin Catmul, Fred Parke USA
Practical cell phone mobile, wireless telephone 1973 Donald Cox, W. Rae Young, Eric Tigerstedt USA (23)
Thermal inkjet printer 1977 Ichiro Endo, Canon Japan
Sony Walkman portable music 1979 Nobutoshi Kihara, Akio Morita Japan
Cordless phone home use without wires 1980 George Sweigert, Teri Pall USA
Online stock trading 1982 Bill Porter USA
Dragon speech recognition words to print 1982 James Baker, Janet Baker USA
Nintendo entertainment system 1983 Nintendo Japan
Caller identification caller ID 1988 Shirley Ann Jackson, Kazuo Hashimoto USA/Japan

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