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Wired — Energy current

InventTable — WIRED ERA — Energy current

Hydrogen fuel cell 1838 William Robert Grove UK
Solar cell photovoltaic cell 1839 Edmond Becquerel France. (66)
Francis water turbine 1849 James Francis UK/USA (69)
Lead acid battery rechargeable 1859 Gaston Plante France
Dry cell battery alkaline battery 1866 Georges Leclanche France
Free jet water turbine 90% efficiency(Pelton wheel) 1880 Lester Pelton USA
AC induction motor 1881 Nikola Tesla USA (60)
Electric fan 1882 Schuyler Skaats Wheeler USA
Electric iron 1882 Henry W. Seely USA
Steam turbine 89% world electricity 1884 Charles Parsons USA (44)
AC transformer 1884 Karoly Zipernowsky, Otto Blathy, Miksa Deri Austria/Hungary
Wind turbine electricity 1888 Charles Brush, James Blyth USA
AC electric power 1888 Nikola Tesla USA (12)
Fuse 1890 Thomas Alva Edison USA
Tesla coil transformer 1891 Nikola Tesla USA

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