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Wired — Data storage

InventTable — WIRED ERA — Data storage

Pitman shorthand data recording manually 1837 Isaac Pitman UK
Silver based photo processing Daguerrotype 1837 Louis Daguerre France
Rotary printing press 1843 Richard Marx Hoe USA
Color photography images in color 1855 James Clerk Maxwell UK
Continuous roll printing press high volume printing 1863 William A. Bullock USA
Typewriter QWERTY keyboard 1866 Christopher Latham Sholes USA
Phonograph sound recording 1877 Thomas Alva Edison USA (88)
Ball point pen early 1880 Alonzo T. Cross USA
Fountain pen no dip required 1884 Lewis Waterman USA
Plastic film 1884 George Eastman USA
Typewriter ink ribbon continuous ink for typing 1886 George K. Anderson USA
Gramophone disc phonograph recorder on records 1887 Emile Berliner Germany/USA
Shellac (wax) compounds for phonographic discs 1887 Emile Berliner Germany/USA
Push button film camera easy photography 1888 George Eastman (Kodak) USA
Kinetoscope motion pictures 1888 Thomas Alva Edison USA
Juke box record playing machine 1889 Lewis Glass USA
Motion picture camera and projector 1895 Auguste and Louis Lumiere France (37)

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