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Wireless — Energy current

InventTable — WIRELESS ERA — Energy current

Blow dryer heated air 1920 Racine Universal Motor Co. USA
Blender high speed food mixer 1922 Stephen Poplawski USA
Electric shaver men's shaver 1923 Jacob Schick USA
Fluorescent lamp 1926 Edmund Germer Germany
Quartz clock more accurate timekeeping 1927 Warren Marrison, J.W. Horton, Bell labs USA
Electric pH meter acidity measure 1930 Arnold Beckman USA
Electric can opener powered daisy wheel 1931 Preston West USA
Electric bug zapper electrocution of mosquitoes and flies 1932 William M. Frost, William Broderick Herms USA
Electric steam iron thermostat 1934 Max Skolnik USA
Electric clothes dryer heated tumbling 1935 J. Ross Moore USA
Electric air conditioner household 1939 Willis Carrier USA
Electric toothbrush 1954 Phillipe Guy Woog Switzerland
Gel electrophoresis separation 1955 Oliver Smithies Canada
Modern alkaline battery long lasting 1957 Lewis Urry Canada
MOS transistor, MOSFET world's most produced device 1959 Mohammed Atalla, Dawon Kahnb, Bell labs USA
Integrated circuit silicon monolithic 1959 Jack Kilby, Robert Noyce, Masatoshi Shima USA
Invisible fence pet containment 1973 Richard Peck USA
Southern blot gel electrophoresis DNA analysis 1975 Edwin Mellor Southern USA
Wind farm air current creates electric current 1980 Fausto Veranzio USA
Electronic tolls, E-Z pass for vehicles 1986 Mario Cardullo USA

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