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Wireless — Non-Transport Machines

InventTable — WIRELESS ERA — Machines non-transport

Ultra centrifuge 1924 Theodor Svedberg Sweden
Garbage disposal electric pig 1927 John W. Hammes USA
Chain saw industrial 1927 Andreas Stihl Switzerland/Germany
Fathometer measures water depth 1928 Herbert Grove Dorsey USA
Phase contrast microscope 1930 Frits Zernike Netherlands
Electron microscope 1931 Ernst Ruska Germany
Practical electrical washing machine wash, rinse, extract water 1933 John W. Chamberlain USA
Trampoline bouncer 1934 George Nissen USA
Baby monitor radio monitor 1937 Eugene F. MacDonald USA
Night vision goggles military 1939 Wiiam Spicer Germany/USA
Gas lawnmower push 1940 Leonard Goodall USA
Portable chainsaw homeowner 1949 Robert Paxton McCullough USA
Insulated picnic cooler 1953 Richard Laramy USA
Leaf blower 1958 Dom Quinto USA
Robot practical called Unimate 1959 George Devol USA (46)
Cordless tools rechargeable 1960 Black and Decker USA
Compound bow (pulley) more powerful arrow 1965 Holles Wilbur Allen USA
Automated teller machine ATM cash machine 1968 John Sheppard-Barron USA
Waterbed warm and wavy 1968 Charles Prior Hall USA
Jacuzzi hot tub with water jets 1968 Candido Jacuzzi USA
Myoelectric limb prosthesis muscle activates electric motor 1968 Rorbert Weiner, Melvin Glimcher, Amar Bose, Robert Mann USA
Practical smoke detector optical 1969 Duane Pearsall USA
Shakey robot, SRI international artificial intelligence, first 1970 Nils John Nilsson, Charles Rosen, Bertram Raphael, Standford U. USA
Weed wacker string trimmer 1971 George Ballas USA
Mr. Coffee automatic drip coffee maker 1972 Melitta Bentz, Gottlob Widmann USA
Dyson bagless vacuum cleaner easy maintenance 1978 James Dyson UK
Bipedal robot humanoid 1985 Hitachi Japan
Hand held rolling luggage wheels and lever 1986 Robert Plath USA

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