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Wireless — Metals

InventTable — WIRELESS ERA — Materials, metals

Snap on socket wrench directional wrenches with improved leverage 1920 Joseph Johnson, William Seidemann USA
Allen wrench hex head screw 1920 Edigio Brugola, William G. Allen Italy/USA
Super alloy Al-Ni-Cr aluminum, nickel, chromium alloy 1926 Paul Dyer Merica USA
Metal foam extremely lightweight metal, porous 1926 John C. Elliott USA
Metal detector 1928 Gerhard Fisher Germany/USA
Pop rivet, blind rivet allows one sided application 1928 Louis Huck USA
Shape memory alloys gold-cadmium 1928 Arne Olander Sweden
Beverage can 1933 American Can Co. USA
Phillips head screw more reliable for mechanical application 1934 Henry F. Phillips USA
Transistor MOS transistor most common device made ever 1947 John Bardeen Walter Brattain, Willam Shockley, Bell labs USA
Plasma spray 1950 Max Ulrich Schoop Switzerland
Electron beam welding 1952 Karl-Heinz, Steigerwald Germany
Hot isostatic pressing metal HIP metal 1955 Gripshover, Hanes, Battelle's Columbus labs USA
Integrated circuit silicon metalloid semiconductor "chip" 1958 Jack Kilby USA (21)
Pop top drink can ring pull pop top 1959 Ermal Fraze USA

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