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Wireless — Medical Biotech

InventTable — WIRELESS ERA — Medical Biotech

Epidural anesthesia regional anesthesia 1921 Fidel Pages Spain
Band aid sterile adhesive bandage 1921 Earle Dickson USA
Polygraph lie detector test 1921 John Augustus Larson USA
Q tips cotton tipped swabs 1923 Leo Gerstenzang USA
Electroencephalogram EEG test, brain electrical activity 1924 Hans Berger Germany
Carpal tunnel release surgery treatment for hand numbness and pain 1924 Herbert Galloway Canada
Tetanus toxoid vaccine prevents lock jaw infection 1925 Alexander Thomas Glenny et al. UK
Pertussis vaccine prevents whooping cough 1926 Leila Denmark USA
Diphtheria toxoid vaccine prevents diphtheria 1927 Alexander Thomas Glenny et al. UK
Iron lung respirator breathing machine 1927 Phillip Drinker,Louis Agassiz Shaw USA
Penicillin blockbuster antibiotic 1928 Alexander Fleming UK (19)
Cardiac pacemaker wired heart rhythm correction 1928 Mark Lidwell Australia
Cotton tampon menstruation management 1930 Earle Cleveland Haas USA
Breathalyzer blood alcohol assessment 1931 Rolla Neil Harger, Indiana U. USA
Hydrocortisone potent anti-inflammatory medication 1936 Percy Lavon Julian USA
Blood bank transfusion management 1937 Charles Richard Drew, Bernard Fantus, Chicago USA
Hip replacement surgery fractures, arthritis 1940 Austin Moore USA
Hemodialysis replaces kidney function 1943 Willem J. Kolff Netherlands
Lidocaine, Xylocaine local anesthesia 1943 Nils Lofgren Sweden
Chemotherapy for cancer nitrogen mustard 1946 Alfred Gilman, Louis S. Goodman USA
Methotrexate immunosupression treat inflammation 1947 Sidney Farber USA
Acetaminophen (Tylenol) pain reliever, antipyretic 1948 Julius Axelrod, Bernard Brodie USA
Electrolyte replacement for diarrhea oral and intravenous fluids 1949 Daniel C. Darrow, Harold Harrison USA
Succinylcholine muscle relaxant for anesthesia paralysis 1949 Daniel Bovet Italy
Artificial intraocular lens lens replacement for cataracts 1949 Harold Ridley UK
Holter monitor detects abnormal heart rhythms 1949 Norman Jeffferis Holter USA
Nystatin, Mycostatin antifungal medicine 1950 Rachel Fuller Brown, Elizabeth Lee Hazen USA
Thorazine, chlorpromazine psychotrophic medicine 1951 Heni Laborit, Pierre Deniker, Heinz Lehmann France/Canada (87)
Salk polio vaccine polio prevention 1952 Jonas Salk USA
Apgar score newborn health assessment 1952 Virginia Apgar USA
Isoniazid for tuberculosis second biggest killer in history 1952 Meyer and Malley Czechoslovakia
Heart lung machine allows for heart surgery on a stopped heart 1953 John Heysham Gibbon USA
Vancomycin antibiotic treats severe staph and strep infections 1953 Edmund Kornfeld USA
Cochlear implant hearing surgery 1953 Andre Djourno France
Catheter surgery minimally invasive surgery, Seldinger technique 1953 Sven Ivar Seldinger Sweden (79)
Ultrasound, echocardiogram sound waves for diagnosis 1953, 1956 Inge Edler, Carl Hertz, Ian Donald, Tom Browen Sweden /UK (75)
Prednisone cortisone pill anti-inflammatory 1954 Arthur Noble UK
Kidney transplant most common organ transplant 1954 Joseph E. Murray USA
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR 1954 Peter Safar, James Elam USA
Chlorhexidine topical skin disinfectant 1954 Imperial Chemical Industries, Ld. UK
Betadine, povodine-iodine topical skin disinfectant 1955 H.A. Shelanski, M.V. Shelanski USA
Metered dose inhaler asthma/COPD therapy 1956 Charlie Thiel, 3M USA
Bone marrow transplant blood cancer therapy 1956 E. Donnall Thomas USA
Birth control pill sexual freedom, contraception 1956, 1960 Gregory Pincus, John Rock, Min Chueh Chang USA (100)
Endoscopy, fiberoptic flexible upper and lower gastrointestinal 1957 Basil Hirschowitz, Larry Curtis, Wilbur Peters USA
Haloperidol, Haldol antipsychotic, schizophrenia 1958 Paul Janssen Belgium
Lasix, furosemide diuretic for swelling, edema, fluid retention 1959 Sanofi USA
Valium, diazepam sedative for anxiety 1959 Leo Sternbach USA
DOPA for Parkinson's disease anti-tremor effects 1960 Oleh Hornykiewicz Austria
Coronary artery bypass graft, heart CABG 1960 Robert Goetz, Michael DeBakey USA
Ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine 1960 Stewart Adams UK
Liver and lung transplants organ transplants 1963 Thomas Starzl, James Hardy USA
Portable heart defibrillator advanced CPR 1965 Frank Pantridge UK
Commercial ultrasound obstetrics 1965 Walter Erich Krause USA
Rubella vaccine prevents German measles 1965 Harry Martin Meyer, Paul Parkman USA
Oral Sabin vaccine prevents polio with no injection needed 1966 Albert Bruce Sabin USA
Heart transplant successful 1967 Christiaan Neethling Barnard South Africa
Fogarty balloon catheter removes clots, minimally invasive 1969 Thomas Fogarty USA
Digital thermometer more accurate temperatures 1970 Robert Cherry Martin USA
Transdermal patch drug delivery through the skin 1971 Alejandro Zaffaroni USA
Pulse oximeter measures blood oxygen level 1972 Takuo Aoyagi Japan
Computed tomography scan CT scan 1972 Godfrey Hounsfield, Allan Cormack, Robert S. Ledley UK/USA
Magnetic resonance imaging MRI scan, no radiation 1973 Raymond Damadian, Paul Lauterbur USA (74)
Prozac antidepressant medication 1972 Ray W. Fuller, Bryan B. Molloy, David T. Wong USA
LASER eye surgery, Lasik vision correction with surgery 1973 Mani Lal Bhaumik India/USA
Liposuction cosmetic surgery 1974 Giorgio Fischer Italy
Total knee replacement surgery cemented metal and plastic parts 1974 John Insall USA
Heimlich maneuver food bolus extraction 1974 Henry Judah Heimlich USA
Versed, midazelam conscious sedation IV 1975 Armin Walser Switzerland
Positron emission tomography PET scan, cancer assessment 1977 Edward J. Hoffman, UCLA USA
In vitro fertilization test tube baby 1978 Patrick Steptoe, Robert Edwards UK
Lithotrypter for gallstones focused sound to break down gallstones 1980 Claude Dornier Germany
Hepatitis B test and vaccine diagnosis and prevents hepatitis B 1980 Baruch Samuel Blumberg USA
Mumps vaccine prevents mumps 1981 Maurice Hilleman USA
Artificial heart Jarvik -7 1982 Paul Winchell, Willem Johan Kolff, Robert Jarvik USA
Humulin recombinant insulin 1982 Genentech USA
RU-486 abortion pill avoids surgery 1988 Etienne-Emile Baulieu France
Intravascular stent catheter placed stent in obstructed blood vessel 1988 Julio Palmaz Argentina



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