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InventTable — WIRELESS ERA — Energy radiant

Tommy gun 45 mm portable machine gun 1920 John Thompson USA
Geothermal power plant 1921 John D. Grant USA
Zippo lighter 1932 George Blaisdell USA
Nuclear fission of heavy nuclei uranium, thorium 1938 Otto Hahn, Lise Meitner, Fritz Straussmann Germany/Austria
Bazooka anti-tank weapon 1942 Clarence Hickman, Edward Uhl, Leslie Skinner USA
Napalm incendiary weapon 1942 Louis Feiser, Harvard U. USA
Nuclear fission chain reaction 1942 Enrico Fermi, U of Chicago USA
Assault rifle 1944 Hugo Schmeisser Germany
Microwave oven not portable 1945 Percy L. Spencer USA
Uranium, Little Boy, fission bomb gun type mechanism, Manhattan project 1945 J. Robert Oppenheimer et al. USA
Plutonium, Fat Man, fission bomb implosion mechanism, Manhattan project 1945 J. Robert Oppenheimer et al. USA
AK -47 assault rifle 1947 Mikhail Kalashnikov USSR
Nuclear power plant fission electricity 1951 Walter Zinn USA
Thermonuclear fusion bomb nuclear fusion, Operation Ivy 1952 Edward Teller et al. USA
Silicon solar cell sunlight to electricity 1953 Gerald Pearson,Daryl Chapin, Calvin Fuller, Bell labs USA
Uzi sub machine gun 1954 Uziel Gal Israel
LASER, semiconductor light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation 1957 Jun-ichi Nishizawa Japan
Ruby LASER 1960 Theodore Maiman, Gordon Gould, Charles Hard Townes, Atrhur L. Schawlow USA
LED light emitting diode 1962 Nick Holonyak Jr. USA
Lava lamp 1963 Edward Craven Walker USA
Carbon dioxide LASER 1964 Kumar Patel, Bell labs USA
Liquid crystal display LCD 1964 George Heilmeier USA
Portable microwave oven countertop 1967 Amana USA
LASER guided bomb smart bomb 1967 US Air Force USA
Light emitting diode watch digital watch, LED display 1972 John M. Bergey USA
Compact flourescent light bulb more efficient light 1976 Edward E. Hammer, GE USA
Neutron bomb high radiation weapon 1981 Samual T. Cohen USA
Scram jet engine more powerful jet 1981 Ray Stalker Australia
LASER pointer presentation highlighter 1982 Theodore Harold Maiman, Gordon Gould USA
OLED display organic light emitting diode 1987 Stephen Van Slyke, Ching W. Tang USA

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