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Tokens— Domestic Biotech

InventTable — TOKENS ERA — Domestic Biotech

Eight paleolithic founding crops domestication first domesticated plants: eikorn wheat, emmer wheat, peas, chick peas, flax, rye, hulled barley, bitter vetch 10,000 BCE Mesopotamia (4)
Fermentation of beer and wine beer first fermented 10,000 BCE Mesopotamia (91)
Domestication of herding animals sheep, goats, pigs, cattle 10,000 BCE Mesopotamia (5)
Gourds vessels for containment 10,0000 BCE Peru
Grain grinding milling 9000 BCE Syria
Granary grain storage 9500 BCE Israel
Domestication of pigs pork #1 meat in world 8500 BCE Europe, Asia
Fort walled village 7000 BCE Indus River
Sugar cane domestication sweetener 7000 BCE New Guinea
Tanned leather clothing, etc 7000 BCE Indus River
Domesticated bananas most common fruit 6500 BCE New Guinea
Wool garments/rugs woven wool 6000 BCE Mesopotamia
Yogurt bacteria cultures 5000 BCE Mesopotamia
Cheese preserved milk product 5000 BCE Poland
Irrigation first hydraulic engineering 5000 BCE Mesopotamia
Chickens domesticated least expensive meat 5200 BCE China
Plow, ard scratch plow domesticated oxen 5000 BCE Mesopotamia (10)
Leavened bread yeast 4000 BCE Egypt
Canal hydraulic engineering 4000 BCE Syria
Apple domestication common fruit 4000 BCE Kazakhstan

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