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Wired — Transport Machines

InventTable — WIRED ERA — Transport Machines

First propeller steam ship Archimedes 1839 Archimedes UK (65)
Telemark skis for cross country skiing 1849 Telemark Norway
Elevator safety brake allowed for skyscrapers 1852 Elisha Otis USA
Manned dirigible flight lighter than air flight 1852 Henri Giffard France
Safety bicycle modern bicycle 1854, 1885 John Kemp Starley UK (78)
Iron clad ship USS Monitor 1862 John Ericcson Sweden/USA
4 wheeled roller skate 1863 James Plimpton USA
Metal rimmed spoked wheels 1869 Eugene Meyer France
Air brake for trains 1869 George Westinghouse USA
4 stroke internal combustion engine gas automobile 1876 Nicolaus Otto Germany (17)
Automobile seat belts safety device 1885 Edward J. Claghorn USA
Automobile 2 stroke gas engine 1886 Karl Benz Germany (17)
Powered airplane heavier than air with controls 1903 Orville and Wilbur Wright USA (26)
U - boat successful submarine 1905 Germany
Quadricopter 4 rotors 1907 Jacques and Louis Brequet, Charles Richet France
Continuous caterpillar tracks carry road with vehicle 1907 David Roberts UK
Outboard motor portable, detachable 1908 Ole Evinrude Norway/USA
Model T automobile practical car 1908 Henry Ford USA
Backpack parachute pilot safety device 1911 Gleb Kotelnikov
Seaplane 1911 Henri Fabre France
Liquid fueled rocket 1914 Robert H. Goddard USA
Traffic light 1914 Garrett Morgan USA
Tank armored vehicle 1915 Walter Wilson, William Tritten, Gegene Brille UK/France
Automatic pilot gyrostabilizer 1915 Lawrence and Elmer Sperry USA
Hydraulic brake 1918 Malcolm Lougheed USA
Motor scooter 1919 Greville Bradshaw UK
Mobile home 1919 Glenn H. Curtiss USA


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