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Wired— Data communication

InventTable — WIRED ERA — Data communication

Morse code instant distant communication 1837 Samuel Morse USA (56)
Telegraph practical 1837 Samuel Morse USA (56)
Fax machine 1843 Alexander Bain UK
Printing telegraph recorded dots/dashes 1846 Royal Earl House, Jacob Brett UK
Mail order catalog shop from home 1872 Montgomery Ward USA
Telephone auditory instant communication 1876 Alexander Graham Bell USA (15)
Microphone amplified/recorded/transmitted speech 1878 David E. Hughes, Emile Berliner UK/USA/ Germany
Radio wireless communication 1895 Guglielmo Marconi Italy (29)
Remote radio control wireless control 1898 Nikola Tesla USA
RADAR radio detection and ranging 1904 Christian Haismeyer Germany
SONAR sound navigation and ranging 1906 Lewis Nixon USA
Rotary dial telephone self entered phone number 1919 Almon Brown Strowger USA
Amplitude modulation radio AM standard receiver 1919 Edwin Howard Armstrong USA

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