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Wired — Non-Transport Machines

InventTable — WIRED ERA — Machines non-transport

Steam jack hammer 1837 James Nasmyth UK
Steam shovel 1839 William Otis USA
Telemark skis for cross country skiing 1840 Telemark Norway
Grain elevator commercial elevator 1842 Joseph Dart USA
Ice making machine 1850 James Harrison Australia
Hydraulic jack 1851 Richard Dudgeon USA
Lockstitch sewing machine commercial 1851 Isaac Singer USA
Electric burglar alarm 1851 Edwin T. Holmes, Augustus R. Pope USA
Punch triangle can opener 1858 Ezra J. Warner USA
Twist drill 1861 Stephen A. Morse USA
Centrifuge cream from milk 1864 Antonin Prandtl Germany
Mousetrap 1880 Hiram Stevens Maxim USA/UK
Steam winch logging engine 1881 John Dolbeer USA
Electric dishwasher 1886 Josephine Cochrane USA
Hearing aid 1898 Miller Reese Hutchinson USA
Vacuum cleaner industrial 1901 Hubert Cecil Booth, David T. Kennedy UK/USA
Air conditioner commercial 1902 Willis Carrier USA (50)
Electric washing machine 1907 Alva J. Fisher USA
Hoover vacuum for home use 1907 James Spangler, William Henry Hoover USA

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