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Wired — Non-Metals

InventTable — WIRED ERA — Materials, non-Metals

Standard diving suit 1837 Augustus Siebe Germany
Vulcanized rubber with sulfur 1839 Charles Goodyear USA
Modern Portland cement 1845 Joseph and William Aspdin, Isaac Charles Johnson UK
Rubber band 1845 Stephen Perry UK
Kerosene petroleum distillate 1848 Abraham Gesner Canada
Chemical vapor deposition 1852 Robert Bunsen Germany
Rubber boots Wellington 1852 Hiram Hutchinson USA/France
Reinforced concrete steel in cement/concrete 1853 Francois Coignet France
Celluloid plastic Parkesine first plastic 1856 Alexander Parkes, John Wesley Hyatt UK/USA. (43)
Oil refinery 1856 James Miller Williams, Ignancy Lukasiewicz, James Young Poland/UK/Canada. (79)
Gasoline petroleum distillate 1859 Thomas Midgley USA
Linoleum flooring 1860 Frederick Walton UK
Indigo dye first synthetic dye 1865 Adolf von Baeyer Germany
Paper bag flat bottom 1870 Margaret Knight USA
Vaseline petroleum jelly 1870 Robert Chesebrough USA
Modern chewing gum 1870 Thomas Adams USA
Cardboard corrugated 1871 Albert L. Jones USA
Asphalt petroleum pavement 1872 Edward de Smed Belgium/USA
PVC poly vinylchloride hard plastic 1872 Eugen Bauman Germany
Rayon synthetic fiber 1884 Louis-Marie-Hilaire Bernigaud, Count of Chardonnet France
Contact lenses lenses directly on the eye 1887 Adolf Fick Germany
Pneumatic rubber tire air cushion 1887 John Boyd Dunlop UK
Thermal cracking of oil improved refining of oil 1891 Vladimir Shukhov Russia
Glass blowing machine 1895 Michael Owens USA
Polyethylene most common plastic 1898 Hans von Pechmann Germany
Wax crayon colored writing/drawing 1903 Edwin Binney, C. Harold Smith USA
Laminated glass safety glass 1903 Edouard Benedictus France
Glass bottle making machine automatic 1903 Michael Joseph Owens USA
Silicone rubbery material 1904 Frederic Stanley Kippinig UK
Bakelite plastic synthetic shellac 1907 Leo Hendrik Baekeland Belgium/USA
Formica laminate 1912 Daniel O'Conor, Herbert Faber USA
Pyrex boron glass 1915 William C. Taylor, Eugene Sullivan USA

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