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Wired — Metals

InventTable — WIRED ERA — Materials, metals

Chicken wire fence 1844 Charles Barnard UK
Safety pin 1849 Walter Hunt USA
Bessimer steel process high volume quality steel 1855 Henry Bessimer UK (28)
Modern whaling harpoon 1864 Svend Foyn Norway
Paper clip 1867 Samuel Fay USA
Stainless steel chromium steel alloy 1872 J. E. T. Woods, J. Clark UK (28)
Barbed wire practical 1874 Joseph Glidden USA
Blow torch welding lower temperatures 1881 Carl Nyborg Sweden
Steel girder skyscraper high rise buildings 1884 William Le Baron Jenney USA
Electric arc welding advanced welding 1885 Nikolai Benardos, Stanislaus Olszewski Russia/Poland
Aluminum commercial production 1886 Charles Martin Hall, and Julia Hall, Paul Heroult USA/France (57)
Bayer process for aluminum 1887 Carl Josef Bayer Austria
Bottle cap with cork seal 1892 William Painter USA
Vacuum flask Thermos device 1892 James Dewar UK
Oxy-acetylene welding torch welding 1903 Edmond Forche, Charles Picard France (77)
Crescent wrench adjustable wrench 1907 Johan Petter Johansson Sweden
Aluminum foil 1910 J. G. Nehor and Sons Switzerland
Stainless steel commercial production 1913 Harry Brearley UK (28)
Rivot metal 1915 Scotland, UK (90)

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