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Wired — Medical Biotech

InventTable — WIRED ERA — Medical Biotech

Hypodermic syringe medicine delivery not by mouth 1844, 1853 Francis Rynd, Charles Gabriel Pravaz, Alexander Wood France/UK (23)
Ether general anesthesia first true general anesthesia 1842 Crawford W. Long, William Morton USA
Ophthalmoscope eye inspection 1851 Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmhotz Germany
Aspirin synthesized acetylsalicyclic acid 1853 Charles Fredic Gerhardt Germany
Snellen eye test visual acuity 1862 Hermann Snellen Netherlands
Modern thermometer clinical fever test 1866 Thomas Albutt UK
Vaccine for cholera first successful bacterial vaccine 1879 Waldemar Mordecai Haffkine, Pasteur Instittute France
Autoclave sterilization instruments 1879 Charles Chamberlain
Modern otoscope ear examination 1881 A. Hartman Germany
Rabies vaccine previously fatal 1882 Louis Pasteur France
Tetanus and diphtheria vaccines 1890 Emil von Behring Germany
Modern toothpaste and toothpaste tube oral hygiene 1892 Washington Wentworth Sheffield USA
X-ray imaging first medical imaging 1895 Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen Germany (59)
Sphygmomanometer practical 1896 Scipione Riva-Rocci Italy
Rotator cuff tendon repair shoulder surgery 1898 Wilhelm Muller Germany
ABO blood groups compatibility for transfusions 1900 Karl Landskiner Austria (51)
EKG electrocardiogram machine 1903 Willem Einthoven Netherlands
Barium sulfate contrast x-ray imaging, complex 1905 USA/Germany
Arsphenamine chemotherapy for syphilis and African sleeping sickness 1907 Alfred Bertheim, Paul Erlich Germany
IUD intrauterine device contraception drug free 1909 Richard Richter Germany
Latex condom contraception 1912 Julius Fromm Poland/Germany
Isoniazid for tuberculosis 1912 Meyer and Malley Czechoslovakia
Heparin anticoagulant, blood thinner 1916 Jay McClean, William Henry Howell USA
Knee arthroscopy minimal surgery 1919 Kenji Takagi Japan

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