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Written — Data communication

InventTable — WRITTEN ERA — Data communication

Seal emblem for marking documents 3500 BCE Sumer, Mesopotamia
Stringed musical instruments music 3000 BCE Egypt
Checkers board game 3000 BCE Mesopotamia
Lyre, harp music instruments 2600 BCE Mesopotamia
Standard weights and measures for commerce 2500 BCE Indus River
Puppetry theatre 2500 BCE Indus River
Ruler, protractor measuring 2400 BCE Indus River
Balance scale measuring 2000 BCE Indus River
Sundial timekeeping 1500 BCE Babylonia
Trumpet music, signaling 1500 BCE King Tut, Egypt
Playing cards game 1000 BCE China
Kite signaling 1000 BCE China
Bagpipe music instrument 1000 BCE Scotland/Rome

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