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Written — Domestic Biotech

InventTable — WRITTEN ERA — Domestic Biotech

Horse domesticated coincides with wheel/axle 3500 BCE Eurasian steppes
First large city Uruk, Sumer 3200 BCE Sumer, Mesopotamia
Cat domesticated felines 3000 BCE Egypt
Dice game 3000 BCE Egypt
Donkey/ass domesticated beast of burden 3000 BCE Egypt
Distillation of alcohol ethanol 3000 BCE Indus River
Toilet indoor plumbing 3000 BCE Indus River (25)
Dam with reservoir 3000 BCE Indus River
Cotton fabric woven 3000 BCE Egypt
Soap personal hygiene 2800 BCE Sumer, Mesopotamia (53)
Public baths sewage system 2600 BCE Indus River
Levee flood control 2600 BCE Indus River
Enclosed harbor protected shipping 2500 BCE Indus River
Sulfur as a pesticide agriculture 2500 BCE Mesopotamia
Pickles preserved cucumbers 2400 BCE India/Mesopotamia
Noodles from wheat dough 2000 BCE China
Aqueduct water transport 2000 BCE Greece

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