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Print— Non-Transport Machines

InventTable — PRINT ERA — Machines non-transport

Pocket watch 1500 AD Peter Henlein Germany
Slide rule 1622 AD Edmund Gunter, William Oughtred UK
Mechanical calculator 1623 AD Wilhelm Schickard, Blaine Pascal Germany/UK
Vernier scale calipers 1631 AD Pierre Vernier France
Mercury barometer barometric pressure 1643 AD Evalgelista Torricelli Italy
Vacuum pump 1650 AD Otto von Guericke Germany/Prussia
Pendulum clock improved accuracy 1656 AD Christian Huygens Netherlands
Pressure cooker faster cooking 1679 AD Denis Papin France
Flying shuttle weaving 1735 AD John Kay UK
Spinning Jenny weaving 1764 AD James Hargreaves UK
Screw cutting lathe metal screw manufacture 1775 AD Jesse Ramsden UK
Pile driver foundation setting 1791 AD John Stone USA
Paper making machine continuous 1799 AD Henry and Sealy Fourdrinier France
Band saw cutting materials 1808 AD William Newberry UK
Refrigerator vapor compression 1834 AD Oliver Evans USA (38)
Wrench nuts, bolts 1835 AD Solomon Merrick USA

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