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Print — Domestic Biotech

InventTable — PRINT ERA — Domestic Biotech

Brush toothbrush, hair brush, scrub brush 1498 Lyda D. Newman China/USA
New World crops tomato, potato, corn, beans, peppers 1500 Meso and Latin America (63)
Cigarette tobacco from New World 1614 AD Seville, Spain
Sofa furniture 1690 AD UK
Mechanized seed drill machine planting, horse drawn 1701 AD Jethro Tull UK
Carbonated soft drink 1767 AD Joseph Priestly UK
Indoor flushing toilet 1775 AD Thomas Crapper UK
Threshing machine mechanized agriculture 1786 AD Andrew Miekle UK
Shoe laces secure shoes 1790 AD Harvey Kennedy UK
Cotton gin removes cotton seeds 1783 AD Eli Whitney USA
Reaping machine mechanized agriculture 1807 AD Cyrus McCormack USA
Vacuum sealed jars canning 1809 AD Nicholas Appert France
Tin canned food tin and steel cans 1810 AD Peter Durand UK
Combine harvester mechanized agriculture 1834 AD Hiram Moore USA

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