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Greatest Country Of All Time In Technology


What is the G.O.A.T. country in technology? 

*** USA with 49% (167 of 342) greatest inventions of all time according to Encyclopedia Britannica powered by WikiMedia.  No other country comes close to the production of inventions, particularly over the last 250 years. The USA is above all the greatest country in the world in technology.

How has the USA captured half of the the greatest inventions of all time in just 250 years?

According to Vinton Cerf, father of the internet, NSB member and Vice president of Google, “ Research and development – basic, experimental, and applied – is the fuel that drives American business. Our ability to turn basic and experimental research results into practical applications is the stuff of legends.” 

Greatest country of all time in terms of technology

Reasons the USA is the greatest country in technology

1) Literacy rate/Education

2) Capitalism

3) Democracy

4) Protestantism

5) Mobility

6) Transportation and Communication networks

7) Patent Law/Intellectual property

8) Research and Development.

9) Silicon Valley, California.

According to Science News 1-24-2018, the National Science Foundation, “Report Shows United States Leads in Science and Technology As China Advances.” Using 2018 Science and Engineering Indicators report:

1) Above all, United States invests the most into research and development.

The US business sector provides about 72% of US capital for research and development in 2015. (US 26% of global expenditures versus China 21% of global expenditures)

2) United States attracts the most venture capital, above all,

$70 billion dollars in 2016 of world $130 billion, while China attracts $34 billion.

3) Above all, United States awards the most advanced degrees.

With 79% of international graduate students electing to stay in the US after the completion of their degree.

4) United States provides above all the most business, financial, and information services.

United States provides 31%, European Union provides 21% and China provides 17%.

5) Above all, United States is the largest producer in high technology manufacturing sectors. 

USA greatest country in technology

Will China bypass the USA as the greatest country in technology in the 21st Century?

According to Science News 1-24-2018, the National Science Foundation, “Report Shows United States Leads in Science and Technology As China Advances.” Using 2018 Science and Engineering Indicators report:

1) China’s growth rate in research and development expenditures is at 18% annually compared to 4% annually for the US. China’s rate is primarily in development rather than basic science and applied science.

2) China’s growth rate in venture capital investment is the highest in the world still growing from 5% to 27% of world share between 2013 and 2016.

3) Knowledge and technology intensive industries provide about 1⁄3 of world gross domestic product and also China has by far the highest growth rate in business, financial and information services (19% annual growth).

4) China is the fastest growing producer of knowledge and technology intensive industries, doubling percentage (24% global total to #2 in the world behind the US) compared to 10 years ago.

5) Higher education: US #1 in advanced degrees, 40,000 but with China #2 at 34,000. Since 2000, the number of bachelor’s degrees in science and engineering has risen by 300% in China. 

Artificial Intelligence – the technology sector given the most importance in the 21st century continues to be led by the US.

(US News and Special Reports, 8-19-2019. Despite Chinese efforts, the US still leads in AI.” Sintia Radu) US #1 leading in 4/6 categories of AI, China #2, EU #3. Not surprisingly, in 2017, China released a plan to become the world leader in AI by 2025.